Friday, January 28, 2005

I can't wait for the weekend to begin...

Vanessa here...

Like my tribute to Michael Gray's new hit dance song, The Weekend?

I'm working, all week long,
I dream the days away,
I wanna... sing my song
so let the music play
I have to get my fix, and fly tonight
and when the clock strikes 6, on Fri-day Night
I need to blow it all away...

Okay, one needs to hear me sing, eh?

I'm back and it's Friday. Friday, I tell you! Is it just me, or has this been
the longest week in the history of mankind? I've had enough of two hour commutes, jammed-packed trains and salt spots all over my lovely Italian leather boots that I got at a wicked good sale in Toronto a couple of years ago. (Vanessa's Bargain Shopper Tip for the Day: Head north to Canada for shoes, ladies...they're high quality, sturdy and they don't cost a fortune.)

I wish I could say I'm going home right after work today to curl up with a bottle of Pinot Noir ('cause it
is the best red wine on the planet and I'm not drinking any f*cking Merlot!!! she said in her best Miles from SIDEWAYS impression), but noooooooo... My roommate, Mia, has set me up with the brother of a roommate of this doctor she works with. Too many degrees of separation for my taste, but hey, she's a good enough friend to get me out of my hibernation. (Course, that meant I had to mow my legs this morning. Not like I'm expecting to get any tonight, but a girl does need to be prepared.)

Dude's name is Roland Wexelblat. Doesn't that sounds like someone who works in the infectious disease unit of the CDC? Not exactly the name I can see myself writing "Mrs. Vanessa Wexelblat" in my notebook in curly lettering during the boring marketing staff meetings here at work. But Mia assures me that he's Chad Michael Murray-ish in a One Tree Hill way...only with hair. So, I'm giving him a chance. It's weird, though. I'm meeting him after work at the Park Street Station and then we're going to dinner and movie from there. I hope he lets me pick the movie and I'm not stuck watching ARE WE THERE YET? or that dead people speaking through the television static movie.

Roland is in Boston as a grad student -- which makes me think he might be a little bit younger than me -- at, of all places, Harvard. So, he's got to be smart, at least...right? Mia tells me he's from Rome, Georgia. I wonder if he'll have a deep Southern accent. I mean, I grew up in Northern Virginia mainly, but I still find Southern accents a little hard to understand if they're too, too deep -- course, try talking to someone from here in Dorchessstah! : )

I went all out dressing up today. Black boots (with three pairs of socks), check. My new Diane Von Furstenberg wrap-around dress that I got off of Bluefly with the 10% discount I won last week for playing the "Win a Closet full of Jimmy Choos" contest. And of course, a fleece jacket under my Kenneth Cole coat and two scarves because, man, it's frickin' freezing here, Mr. Bigglesworth. When does that stupid groundhog come out to tell us when this frigid existence will end?

So, that's the big plans for the weekend. That and a PROJECT RUNWAY marathon this weekend on Bravo. Love that show!!!! (Check it out, if you haven't seen it. )

Well, wish me luck with my date tonight and I'll be sure to report back in if there are any details...and no, there won't be those kind of details to report.

Double Vee


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marley--I mean Vanessa,
Loved the update! Just enough irreverence--GTG
But I'll be back.

3:40 PM  

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