Thursday, January 27, 2005

Look at me, ma...I'm blogging!

Vanessa Virtue here! Welcome to my little nook of the world wide web. I hope you bookmark me (ouch!) and come back often. (That doesn't make me sound slutty, does it?)

My friends have been telling me that I needed to write down all of the shit that happens to me on a daily basis living, commuting and working in Boston, Massachusetts. I am a female Larry David...honestly, believe me, and no, it doesn't curb my enthusiasm. So why not spill my guts to anyone in the world who wants to read about my life? (Waving my fans in Kazakhstan -- no seriously, I know someone who lives there!)

A little background on me. I'm in my early-to-mid-to-it's-none-of-your-business twenties and I work in what's left of the world in Cambridge as a marketing assistant. I'm a tried and true veteran of the wars and have lived through a couple of dot.bombs, only to rise up another day. These days, we take the ".com" part off our corporate name so no one will mistake us for those companies of yore, bursting at the seams with idealistic young people in jeans, hockey jerseys and t-shirt, working 14 hour days to carve out their niche in the world. I miss the late 90's and all the freedom we had in the workplace, don't you? Beer Blast Friday...monthly pizza coffee and sodas. Now, I'm back to buying all my own lunch foods, carrying change for the $1.25 Coke machine and wearing pantsuits, nice tops and makeup every day.

Don't even get me started on how I had to give up my scrunchies for a "more professional" do!

I'm an Air Force brat and have lived many, many places, but I decided to make Beantown my home after graduating from American University in Washington, DC. Just had to get away from the major, the mom and the monstrous little sister, Victoria. I love Boston because it's not a big, big city like New York (man, do we have major little brother syndrome to New York here in Boston!), but it's not Generica where everybody knows your name and the best places to go out for dinner are The Olive Garden at one end of town or Ruby Tuesday's on the other end.

I'm currently single, but am doing my damndest to do something about it. I seem to be really, really good at first dates, but beyond that... Course, the dead-ass of winter isn't exactly the best time to be scoping out potential dates, what with having to layer up to look like the Michelin tire man every time I go out of the house. The restaurants and clubs are full of snow-soaked, tired, coat/scarf/glove laden people and quite frankly, after the long commutes from my apartment in Davis Square (that's in Cambridge for those of you not in the know of the lay of the land), all I want to do is curl up with my daily dose of The Food Network and whatever wine is on sale at the corner liquor store.

My roommate Mia (Fatima to her mother and grandmother) Pimental does her best to try and drum up good looking medical professionals for me -- she's a doctor -- but they never really work for me. They always make me feel stupid with all of their talks of diseases of the day and what pharmaceutical rep came in with tchotchkefor them to give out. I can't tell you how many pens I have with names like Cialis, Sarafem, Reglan and Nexium. Maybe I'll name my baby one of these one day. (I kid you people!)

Check back for more on my adventures. Time to bundle up, get on the MBTA with the rest of the weather-weary lemmings and make my way home. It's Thursday, which means JOEY, WILL & GRACE and re-runs of QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GIRL. Hmmm...maybe I can get the gal pals to come fo a Vanessa Virtue makeover. Maybe not!



Blogger AddledWriter said...

Wow - what a great start. I love the voice. I love 'it doesn't curb my enthusiasm.' Keep it up, 'Vanessa'!



12:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice shiny new blog! Hi!


8:54 AM  

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