Monday, February 14, 2005

Don't give in to the madness!

Vanessa here...

Not too happy today. And I mean, who would be that's single and alone on Valentine's Day? If you don't have flowers or candy on your desk at work, you might as well have a big, neon arrow above your head, flashing and pointing "Lonely Loser." It's not my fault I don't have a boyfriend. Pickin's are slim these days and I won't just go out with anyone so I won't be alone and at home on the nation's Hallmark holiday.

Those bastards, as well as the candy companies and florists, are all in it together to give their bottom line a boost once a year. I mean, it's not undying confession of love to the person you're with to stuff them full of carb-laden, sweet candy that's only make them fatter -- not to mention raise their blood pressure -- all because the TV and advertisements everywhere tell you so.

There was this guy out at the Galleria at lunchtime and he was in complete Lover's Panic. It was obvious he hadn't planned ahead and was rushing around trying to find his wife/girlfriend/sig other something before the end of the day. The guy was actually sweating and his tie was askew as he dug through the heartshaped boxes at CVS. Then, he headed off to the florist at the bottom of the escalator...I just hope they had roses for him, otherwise, I bet he won't get any sex tonight.

I will not fall prey to this manufactured holiday! I won't. Did I wear a red or pink shirt today? Hell no. Vanessa Virtue wears basic black, baby. Did I buy a box of little kid Valentines to give to members of the marketing team? Absolutely not. Do I want to cry every time a bouquet of flowers is delivered throughout the hallways of work and I have to listen to people coo over it? Okay...well, I get a little lump in my throat, but it's only because I haven't found the guy yet. It's not's just...well, I hate feeling left out.

My friend Griz got flowers from her college sweetheart who lives down in DC, but sent her a "thinking about you." Well, it's got her thinking about him now, let me tell you what. And my roommate Mia, got a gigamonic box of candy this morning from Larkin, the guy here at work that I set her up with. Shoot, if I'd known he was so romantic and into making a lady feel special, I would have set myself up with him -- if it weren't for that stupid "no dating" policy we have here at work. (Just wouldn't date a dog like Larkin.)

I won't give into the season depression. The cold is bad enough without having TV, news, bus ads and other people waggle their finger in your face over their happiness. Why just limit the show of affection, love and care to this one day? Shouldn't you give your sweetie presents and treats and confessions of feelings throughout the year? Wasn't St. Valentine's Day like a massacre? Like where people died? How gross that we glom onto this as the day as the one to tell someone you love them?

Okay...I'll take off my bitchy pants and put them in the closet for another year. I don't want to sound bitter and hateful. It's not that. It's just that I envy people who have someone they can curl up with on the couch...or go to dinner with...would be nice. And it'll happen for me one has to. Boston's a big city and there's got to be someone out there for me, right?

Ooo...just got an invite to a MediaBistro party tonight. Just what I need to take my mind off candy, flowers and love...networking and cocktails. I'll have them make my new cocktail I made up for the holiday...the Anti-VD-tini - Vox raspberry, Cointreau, splash of OJ and a splash of cranberry. Voila!

Vanessa Virtue relationship tip for the day: To all you the love everyday...not just the day Hallmark tells you.

Until next time...

Double Vee


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! Maybe I'll see Vanessa at the next MediaBistro bash...this week I think.

:) Pam

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Emily said...

Don't worry...I didn't get any flowers or candy either...and I'm married!

8:11 PM  

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