Saturday, February 05, 2005

Netflix and Cavitt and Avon...oh, my!

Vanessa here...

Saturday night in February. Snow is melting. Chinese delivery. Sitting at home on the couch with a warm HP laptop and a cold glass of Pinot Grigio. (I switched from my regular Bella Sera to Cavitt 'cause it was on sale.)

Date night for everyone else. Deep conditioning and Avon clay mask night for me. My skin needs the nutrition. I think it's important to pamper yourself the best you can, whenever you can, even if you can't afford to hit a Newbury Street spa for a seaweed treatment or hot rock massage. (Although I hear those things are wicked amazing...)

My roomie, Mia, is out on a date with a guy from my work. I set it up. My payback to her for the date-from-hell with Mr. Harvard Flipflops. This guy I set her up with is Mr. Sales Guy Extraordinaire. I mean, if they get past dinner, I'll be surprised. That'll teach her for setting me up with dorks like Roland WexelBRAT.

Don't cry for Argentina, though...I'm perfectly happy to be sitting here at home with the place to myself. The rangoons are creamy and crispy, the orange chicken sticks to my insides and I have two spring rolls for chasers. I have a couple of Netflix movies to choose from but I watched GARDEN STATE. Just finished it. Man, oh man, oh man...what a great movie. Full of story and depth and character and wow...what a fantastic movie. I really recommend it. Zach Braff wasn't that cute at the beginning of the movie, but by the time it was over, he was totally cute and I just loved him. Totally believe he and Natalie Portman would live happily ever after. It was because his character really grew over the course of the movie. Oh, don't listen to me...just go rent the damn thing.

As a capper of the evening, I decided to do a deep condition on my hair. This olive oil Avon hair mask that I got. I know...I know...Avon...but it was all a Christmas gift from my cousin Claudia who sells it on the side for extra money and the stuff is really great. Thing is...I'm sitting here with hair goo and the clay mask on my face and Mia and Larkin (the guy from my company she's out with) come in and I'm sitting here like a total freakazoid. Larkin busts out laughing and takes these pictures of me with his picture phone....OH...MY...GOD!!! If he shows people at work I'm so going to kill him. But he has other more important duties at Casa appears he's staying the night with Mia. Ewww... So much for my pay back. Course, Mia is a goddess...dark....gorgeous and rich. Men melt at her feet and apparently Larkin's in a puddle.

So, I pour myself glass number five of the Cavitt and pop in BEFORE SUNSET and try not to imagine what's going on in the other room. I'll pretend that Ethan Hawke is after me instead of Julie Delpy. If only...

Hang loose...

Double Vee


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