Sunday, February 27, 2005

Start spreadin' the news...I left yesterday...

Vanessa here...

I'm happy to report on this glorious Sunday that I had a date last night! And it didn't suck. It was like something from a television, from a, from a novel! Well, all three! In fact, it ended with a "why don't you come to this Oscar party with me tomorrow night" line.

Yes. I, Vanessa Virtue, downtrodden, dispirited and disgusted with most guys I meet, went out on a date last night and it was a success!

It was, of course, with Ponytail Cutie...henceforward known as Phillip Coulter or PC for short (Woof!) He ended up calling me Thursday night and asking me out for Saturday. I didn't feel like playing it coy (which my roommate, Mia, told me I should, but then she's got a steady boyfriend that I set her up with) and I graciously accepted the invitation for dinner and drinks. Funny thing is, the dinner and drinks were in Manhattan! No kidding!

PC picked me up at 6:00 p.m. Saturday evening. I was thinking he must not have been sure about the whole asking me out thing and wanted to go out early and get it over with. But, as soon as I opened the door and saw him and his cute little ponytail standing there smiling at me, I didn't care if we only spent fifteen minutes together. We get to his car (a nice, silver Toyota Sequoia SUV) and he opens the door for me (nice...boy's got manners.) He asks me if I'd like to have the best seared tuna I've ever had in my life and I was like "sure!" So, we drive through Cambridge, out to Storrow Drive and next thing I know, he's turning onto the Mass Pike. Okay, fine...thinking we're headed into town, I chill and adjust in the seat. I borrowed one of Mia's Diane Von Furstenberg wrap-around dresses that always look so seductive on her but on me made me look like I was wearing someone else's clothes. Still...I tried to chill and be confident. Afterall, PC did ask me out!

Well, before I know it, we're headed South on I-93 towards Providence when I finally do away with the small talk and ask him flat out, "so where is this seared tuna?" He turns to me with the whitest, brightest of smiles and says, "Les Halles, 15 John Street at Broadway." He's taking me to New York City?! On our first date?!

It was awesome, though. He had a basket of cheese, fruit and wine in the back seat (he only drank one small glass while he drove) and we talked about how he lived in France for six months when he got out of college six years ago. I found out he has a Vizsla Hungarian pointer named Daisy whom he adores more than anything on the planet and he just got a promotion at work. We have sooooooo much in common, it's not even funny. My dad is career Air Force and his is career Navy. PC mainly grew up on the west coast, in San Diego, but says he loves the east coast even though the weather sucks. I mean, if I had gotten a sketch pad and some pencils and drawn out a perfect guy, it wouldn't be much further than PC.

At 10:00 p.m., we parked his car in a deck and walked the remaining couple of blocks to Les Halle. Now, I'm a huge Tony Bourdain fan, so this was near a geek-out moment for me. And no, he wasn't there.... But the place was hopping! Full of people on a Saturday night and pulsating with the excitement of food, wine and excitement. We got seated promptly at 10:30 -- just like our reservation that he'd made -- and immediately ordered a bottle of wine. PC said he'd only have one glass since he had to drive back. He got the seared tuna, as planned, but I had to go for the Mignon de Porc "Maison" (pork tenderloin with yummy mashed potatoes.) I was feeling guilty since it was $18.50, but the guy did drive me here and I wasn't going to get the free-range Amish chicken, thankyouverymuch.

We shared an apple tart for dessert and had a couple of cups of coffee each before he paid the bill and we headed back to his car. He actually reached for my hand (!!!) and he helped me up into the big SUV. By now, it's around 12:30 and I'm not tired at all. Before heading out of town, we drive up the Upper West Side, paralleling Central Park and then cut across and head down the Upper West Side. Then we head back to Boston. We talked the whole way about movies and music and food and it was someone had written this out as a screenplay and PC and I were reading the parts.

At 5:25 a.m., he walked me to my door and gave me a very nice, warm, yummy kiss that made my toes curl inside my three pairs of socks and stockings in my knee-high boots. He looked at me all cute and dreamy and said, "I'll pick you up in thirteen hours." (His buddy, Stephen, is having this Oscar Party at 7:00 tonight -- I'm soooooo pulling for Sideways over stupid Million Dollar Blunder...yuck!) So, that's where things stand. I slept most of the day, but I can't wait for tonight. At the rate we're going, the third -- hence, the sex date -- date will be here before you know it. Just had to report in! And I'll be sure to keep you posted!

Double Vee


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