Monday, March 07, 2005

"I'll have a couple of brats with my gnocchi..."

Vanessa here...

Can we talk about parents who let their children run around heathen monsters? I mean, honestly...

When I was a kid, I was supposed to be quiet and act like I had some sense in my head. I wasn't allowed to roll around on the floor at the train station or put things back in my mouth that had hit the ground. I also wasn't allowed to scream at the top of my lungs and annoy every patron in a restaurant...and if I did, I'd get the slipper to my backside when I got home. (I know...shock, shock, horror, parents spanked me...well, look how I turned out!)

Not kids today. They're little darlings. Precious angels who can do no wrong. And heaven forbid they ever be punished for being brats or told no. Instead, parents negotiate. Heard it on the train this morning..."Brittney, I'd prefer you not put that in your mouth. Brittney, I prefer you don't lick the handrail." How 'bout, "Brittney, don't do that because I'll have to take you in for a rabies shot!" But no...little Brittney continued to swing about on the handrail, lavishing her tongue over it like a cow at a salt lick. Think of the germs going into this child! Think of how many people before her had coughed into their hands and then held on...or sneezed or God knows what else. But because Mom couldn't take her head out of her Metro newspaper long enough to see what her kid was doing -- or tell her straight up to STOP doing it -- well, little Brittney may have come down with some sort of communicable disease.

I start this rant because my date Saturday night with PC was ruined. Totally and completely ruined. And this was supposed to be the sex date, dammit!!! He picked me up and we went for dinner at Appetito in Newton Center. Nice place. Classy atmosphere. Good food. But...the booth behind us had two kids who completely took over the restaurant!

It was fine that they kicked the back of my seat...I smiled through that. But it kept going on and on and on. And then, little Patrick (LP) and little David (LD) decided that the whole restaurant was an extension of their family room at home. While Mom and Dad completely ignored the little beasts, LP and LD wandered from table to table waiting to be adored. Mom would yell across the restaurant at them saying "I prefer you don't do that..." (again with the prefer!) and LP and LD would continue about their way, terrorizing the other patrons until you were forced to smile at them and tell them how cute and precious they were. LP came up to our table and took BREAD out of our basket! PC thought it was adorably cute, but I was pissssssed. I'm on a date, for heaven's sake, not babysitting!

So, The Family finally got their meal and next thing I know, gnocchi's being tossed over my shoulder....ha, ha, ha...isn't it so funny what LP's doing?! Not just no.....HELL no! I've got cream sauce on my new blouse from Neiman Marcus and there's potato in my hair. PC actually laughed at me! LAUGHED! No one's going to want to have sex with someone with gnocchi in their hair that they're laughing at.

I turned around and politely asked the parents to please control their children...that they were throwing food at me. Mom, of course, said "I prefer you don't do that Patrick" -- like Patrick cared! He just threw more food. PC continued to laugh and I continued to get miffed beyond reason. I complained to our waiter and asked to be moved, but the place was packed. And the thing is, no one else seemed as bothered as me. Is there something wrong with me? I mean, sure...maybe some day in the future I'll want kids, but does that mean I have to deal with them tonight? When I'm on a date with a cute guy...trying to make him desire me? It ain't gonna happen when Mean Vanessa has to come out and complain against people's offspring.

Needless to say, I begrudgingly made it through the meal. It was hard to concentrate on PC with the kids yelling and screaming behind me and I think PC got the wrong impression of me. 'Cause when he walked me to my door, he says that he's enjoyed spending time with me, but that he's not ready for another serious relationship with someone who might not be "the one." He barely knows can he make this assessment? Besides, he wants a whole slew of kids and my attitude tonight showed that I wasn't ready to share my life with other people. WHAT??? All because someone's brats upstaged me and threw food at me? Well...that really sucks, but if PC's going to be like that, then I don't want a guy like that in my life...cute with a ponytail or not.

Ah well...Vanessa Virtue's single again...

Anyone know any single guys they can fix me up with?

Double Vee


Blogger Diana Peterfreund said...

Man, what a prick! I would have told him that if and when I had kids, I'd make sure they were nothing like the unsupervised brats in the food fight!

5:25 PM  

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