Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Love in bloom on the Soylent Green Line...

Vanessa here...

Back from a mortifying experiencing that turned into some good fortune for me.

First of all, let me just say that we here in Boston are the misfortunate souls of having the worst public transportation system on planet earth. And I know! I'm a military brat...I've been everywhere. I've ridden the Tube in London, the Metro in Paris, the subways in Toronto and New York, the L in Chicago and the BART in San Francisco and nothing comes close to the pathetic excuse we have here in Boston known as the MBTA.

So, after work today, I was supposed to meet up with my roommate, Mia, at the Sunset Grille in Allston. It's this great burger joint that claims to have like 600 beers on the menu. Mia's an expert as always ordering the one thing they don't have. Well anyway...I took the Red Line from work and transfered to the "B" Green Line to go out to Packard's Corner on Comm Ave and then walk down to the Sunset Grille.

Well, the B line shouldn't be called the Green Line, it should be called the Soylent Green Line. Remember that Charleton Heston movie...where the planet was overcrowded and people had like one inch of personal space...crammed up against each other. Oh, you know's a classic..."Soylent!!!" I digress, but I'm trying to paint a picture people! There I am at Park Street, crammed on this train with no where to sit down. Then, at Kenmore, all of the local rats (students) pour onto the train and I'm even more squished. I'm jammed up against like this vent thing, but at least it's blowing warm air. All the jackass college students are talking in sentences that sound like "Me...I, I,, me, me...I, you, me." UGH...they're so self-centered. I'm trying to read the book I've tugged out of my backpack, but it's impossible to do that, concentrate and hold on at the same time.

We get to Packard's Corner and I go to get off and can't. My backpack isn't budging. You know those long strappy things that hang off that have the double-sewn bottom? Well, it had fallen into the vent and gotten stuck. And it tweren't moving! What was going on?! People were pushing passed me and I was totally missing my stop. I looked at my watch and realized Mia's shift at Mass General was up a while ago and she was going to be waiting for me...and not be happy at my tardiness.

What could I do, though?! I had no scissors or a knife or anything to cut my backpack free and no one was helping me. I just stood there like a jerk, tugging at my backpack.

People get off the train, leaving me almost with the car to myself. Except this one guy. Wicked cute, too. He had on this really nice suit and red socks. I mean, like they were standing out. He had a suitcase with him, so it looked like he was just off a business trip or something. Dark brown eyes. Yum.

Well, right before we get out to the end of the line at Boston College (like soooooo far past where I wanted to get off), he comes over to me and asks if he can help with anything. backpack's stuck, Cute Dude. Okay, so maybe I just thought that. But he offered to help. He dug out his keys and tried hacking at the strap that way, but it wasn't working. I've got to give him props for trying and it gave me a better view of him up close and personal. Ooo...nice five o'clock shadow. I had to put my hand in my pocket for fear I'd reach out and stroke his cheek. Bad Vanessa!!!!

At the end of the line, the train driver came back through, telling us to get off, but of course, I couldn't. Cute Dude explained my predicament and the train driver went to get something to cut my strap. By the time he came back, Ethan Greene (nice New England name, eh) and I had been introduced and were appropriately laughing at my sticky situation. I guess it could have been that time I got fresh chewing gum on my brand new Diesel jeans on the Red Line. The driver finally cut me free and I could go. Ethan walked me off the train when I realized I had to get back on and go all the way back to Packard's Corner. Seems like Ethan missed his stop, too. He lived waaaaaaaaay back up on Washington Street. Sweet! This guy missed his stop for me?

As the train got near his stop, he asked if I wanted to get off and have dinner with him at Tosca (this great little Spanish tapas place on Comm Ave in Brighton) and I said "sure!" Oh, sure, I knew Mia would be royally pissed at me for blowing her off, but she should appreciate an opportunity like this doesn't arise for Vanessa Virtue every day.

Ethan and I had a great dinner and got to know each other. He works in the financial district and had just gotten back from a trip to Denver. He was really sweet and polite and ooooooh so cute! We're totally going out on Saturday night.

Look at Vanessa scorin' on the Green Line!

I'll report back in after the big date to let you know how it goes.

Double Vee


Anonymous Tom said...

Now I have to disagree that Boston has the worst public transportation system. I've just spent two years down here in Atlanta and I can't wait to get back to Beantown and ride the Red Line. You may not be able to get to JP or parts of Comm Ave easily on the T, but in Atlanta you can't get anywhere. And don't even think of catching a bus. You're lucky if it shows up at its scheduled time.

2:53 AM  
Blogger Diana Peterfreund said...

Great, Vanessa. Now I have to clean caffeine free diet coke off my keyboard. "It's..... people!" indeed!

1:41 PM  
Blogger Vanessa Virtue said...

Tom, I've been to Atlanta...and you're right. MARTA sucks, too. I remember trying to go to Little Five Points and we ended up walking for like 8 blocks. Not the best thing in chunky Kenneth Coles.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Vanessa Virtue said...

Sorry Diana...send me the dry cleaning bill! :)

11:48 AM  
Blogger Julia Chamberlain said...

Well at least you have hotties on the train! The only thing I get in New York are guys who hog the seat by sitting with their legs open, like they're advertising! LOL. It's enough to make a person violent.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh, see, I'd instantly dump any girl who blew off friends because OMG a guy. I wouldn't want to be dating a girl who 1) thinks it's OK to blow people off or 2) thought that I was a romance object after we'd only known each other for a day. I'd go crazy for a girl who could be genuine and tell me she'd take a raincheck because she was already late meeting someone, especially if she was really sincere and told me who she was meeting and that she'd love to go out, maybe to X place on X day. Or a girl who asked me to come along to go out with her friends. I am just not into girls who don't see me a friend first, who may or may not become more. I mean, if you met a girl or guy who you were seeing as a potential friend, you'd invite the person to come chill at Sunset, right? I would not date a girl who for some reason thought I wasn't worthy of friend treatment.

And if I were your roommate, you'd be finding a new place to live for doing that kind of petty crap.

7:56 PM  

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