Friday, March 11, 2005

The reality's not reality...

Vanessa here...

Another dateless Friday night, but that's okay...don't cry for Argentina. I'm going to watch Wednesday's America's Next Top Model that re-runs tonight at 9:00 p.m. (ET) on UPN. The model I predicted to win the whole thing was the first chick booted off. So, it makes me wonder, how "real" is reality TV.

For the record, I don't like reality TV. But I really don't have much choice but to watch it, eh? That's pretty much what's on. Now, I've never gone for the American Idol or Great Race or the eating bugs and dog food show, but I have believed that these more targeted competitions are real...and honest...and not scripted. However, that's just me wearing that Pollyanna hat again. When, let's face it, reality TV is as scripted as The Sopranos and ER. They just don't pay professional actors to come on and instead showcase "real"people. But how real are they? How much of these reality shows are based on things that just happen? Probably not too many.

Case in point, my girl, Brita. Let's face it people...she's GORGEOUS and I don't mean that in an "I want her way" but in an appreciative way. She was the most beautiful of the contestants and while yes, she was a bit chunkier (what a depressing society this is where a 138 pound woman is considered "fat" -- no wonder girls are anorexic and bulimic!), she was by far the best looking. And I suspected they didn't put her best picture forward, but read it for yourself from Brita in this article.

This saddens me because I want to believe that America's Next Top Model is really about who has the potential to be the best model. Look at last season. It was apparent from the get-go that Eva Diva was the best of the bunch. But what did they have to do? They had to heighten the drama by making her and Ann go at each other, cat fighting and backstabbing each other. All planned, people! I saw an interview with Ann where she said it was all dramatized for TV. Quite frankly, I don't need the extra drama. and family...that's drama enough. If I'm watching "reality" TV, I want the elements to be realistic.

Didn't we learn anything from the Wendy Pepper cockroach existence (thanks to the producers of the show who kept her on as the villain) on Project Runway? Drama does not equal talent. And on these shows where contestants survive on their talent, is it fair to throw off the more talented designer or the more beautiful woman all because he/she won't "act" or cause a scene?

I know...I know...I get what I pay for. I watch reality TV, I should expect things like this. I just miss the good old days of comedies and dramas all over the place. You knew what you were getting, what you were in for. You watch Dynasty, you're getting a night time soap with cat fights. You want Friends, you're going to laugh. Course now...with my beloved ANTM, I have to factor in the drama factor...what's going to get people talking, what's going to get the blood boiling and what will get them on Entertainment Tonight tonight. I'll still watch, but with a jaded eye. I won't pick a favorite and root her on because it doesn't matter. It's all an act.

I say bring back Amish in the City! Now that was reality television...

As always, these are just my thoughts...decide for yourself.

Happy weekend...stay out of the snow and cold.

Double Vee


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved Amish in the City. Great show and more realistic than a lot of the stupid programs on. I think American Idol is a joke. None of those people can sing. Ick!

6:01 PM  

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