Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Side order of tortillas with my sexual frustration...

Vanessa here...

So, my girlfriend, Griz, tells me I need to channel my sexual energies (frustrations, hello!) over the whole PC ordeal. What does she do? She signs us up for a Mexican Fiesta cooking class at Williams-Sonoma. It's a whole evening of tapas and recipes to help me get over the fact that I was this ---> <--- close to the "sex date" and didn't get the candy busted out of my pinata.

We show up for the class last night and it's couples and us. Everyone seems to think Griz and I are lesbian lovers out for a night of tortillas, quesadillas and margaritas. Sad part is, there were a lot of cute guys there...but they seemed tortured to have been drug to this with their girlfriends, wives or significant others. We learned how to make tortillas on a flat iron on the stove. They're supposed to puff up like a blow fish, but of course mine, like my chest, came out flat. The chef running the class was really nice and came over to help out...and of course he flirted with Griz and not me. It's that Southern accent of hers that sticks out like a thumb here in Boston.

I was no help. They kept making quesadillas that, to me, were more like empanadas. Quesadillas are like the round, cigar-like flour rolls you get at Taco Bell filled with cheese. But this guy was filling them with pork and avocado and frying them. Mine turned out like door stops. I don't know what it is with me. I'm not domestic in any way, form or fashion. I mean, how am I going to find a guy if I can't even make a simple meal at a class I paid $40 to attend?

I'm a sad sack...I do realize this. But you know how you work hard on something and almost get there only to fail miserably. I still can't get over how PC blew me off because of something I couldn't control. He didn't give me a chance for him to really get to know ME. I'm nice...I'm cool...I'm fun...aren't I?

So, the class finishes up, we get to eat our makings (mine were beyond bland) and then we retired to The Rattlesnake Cafe. Griz, of course, gave her number to the guest chef and they're having dinner this weekend. Me, I came home to watch The Food Network and see if Emeril Lagasse, Rachel Ray and the Iron Chefs can teach me how to seduce a man with food.

Tonight, it's delivery pizza, a big ole salad, a bottle of Rosemount Estate Grenache Shiraz and America's Next Top Model. You heard it here first...Brita's gonna win.

Until later...

Double Vee


Blogger Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...


Love the entry. I would love to date a chef myself. I think Tyler Florence is single. Did you see that Bobby Flay married that chick from Law & Order?

Anyway, your girl Brita got cut instead of that bitch Brandy with the bad attitude. Sorry! My vote is still on the shelf. I need to see the girls a little more before I pick a fav.

10:00 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

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10:02 AM  

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