Thursday, April 21, 2005

Bitching and whining and carping...ole!

Vanessa here...

I won't complain about work. I just won't do it. It pays the bills and keeps me off the street. But I do need a vacation. I need sunshine...the beach...water...cabana boys... I get these e-mail newsletters all the time from Frommers and Cheap, teasing me with promises of Mexican vacations, Caribbean delights and European adventures. Yet, every time I put in dates and times and such, it's like $3,000! I mean, honestly!

I do need a break though...especially after "the sloppy kisser."

Props and shout outs to all my chicas, amigas and homies who have e-mailed over "the bad kisser." You guys are so supportive and great. I have to say, Ethan called me following the pizza-making date and I had to tell him that I was really busy with work these days and couldn't really get into a relationship. WHY is this my luck? Why is it the guy is totally gorgeous but has this amazing flaw? And I don't think I'm being was just...nasty. I can't imagine taking this further...I just can't.

I know...I'll regret this, right?

Ummm...change the subject...

Let's see...the world is a fucked up's not just my life. Did you read this story about the monkeys who stole liquor made from marijuana and literally went (pun intended) ape shit fighting with villagers with sticks and stuff and sending people to the hospital? Not kidding! Then, there was the mayor of San Antonio who had his twin brother doing campaign appearances for him so he could do other appearances himself. And what's up with the new pope being in the Hitler Jugend when he was a teenager? Hello?! I mean, what is happening to this world? And I'm supposed to feel bad that I pass on a bad kisser? (See, it all comes back to that right now.)

I know...I'm going to go to I might as well have some fun.

Griz and I are packing up and driving down to New York after work tomorrow. We're going to check out some of the movies playing at the Tribeca Film Festival and then we're going to hit The Lounge @ Elmo Saturday night for DJ Adien. Then, we're meeting up with some college friends of hers from her Clemson days for brunch on Sunday. Hopefully, there will be some cute guys there. If not, it'll be nice to hang with my bud, Griz.

If anyone has any advice, feel free to let me know...I can use all the help I can get in this quest for Mr. Right. He's got to be out there...I know it!

Hang loose...

Double Vee


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