Monday, April 11, 2005

The date that rolled away...

Vanessa here...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Things have been nuts, beans and crackers. Work has been kicking me in the rear-hiney, let me tell you what. I'm in charge of all of these marketing campaigns for our company and I'm known at work as The Spaminator because I do the direct e-mail marketing. I have to be really careful with the lists I get because of the whole permission marketing thing and not wanting to be intrusive on people's e-mail. And some dude in what...North Carolina just went to jail for being such an abusive spammer? Eeek! So, I don't exactly want to get fitted for an orange jump suit, if you know what I mean. I went to this class on the new government regulations and I have to use all of these lists and stuff of addresses NOT to send to when I'm using the direct e-mail online software. Let me tell you, it's a completely pain in the ass, but I have to do it 'cause like I'd be responsible or something...not just the company.

Annnnnnnnyway. I know no one cares about that. I've gotten e-mails entitled "Call Ethan!" Okay, already! I got the messages, people. (Thank you for taking such a keen interest in my life. :) So, I called him. Yes! I did it! I played all cute and coy and "remember me from the train" and such. He was really sweet and we agreed to meet up on Saturday and go roller blading. (He had company in this weekend from NYC and already had evening plans, so I was down with this.) Only problem...I really SUCK at roller blading. I mean, what was wrong with skates with four wheels? Why did they go out of vogue? Why make me try to balance like Michelle Kwan on this one set of rollers? And sorry...I don't go for the helmet and knee pads. That's just goofy. If you fall, just put your hands out so you don't land on your head. What kind of moron falls on their head? Besides...the helmet would smash my hair and that so wasn't going to happen on my date.

Ethan and I met on Soldier's Field Road at the park and got suited up in roller blade attire. You would have thought the guy was a professional....gloves, kneepads, elbow pads, helmet, special sunglasses, etc. Me...I just borrowed the roller blades from Griz (who's the same shoe size as me) and went with the flow. Ethan's all scolding me about head gear and protection and what have you, but I told him I'd just go slow and not fall down. (Yeah, right!) It started out fun and slow and we were chatting about stuff (he's a wine connoisseur and a closet chef and promised to cook dinner for me one night -- nice...second date!), but I could tell he wanted to hit the NOS button on his blades and really get going. I told him to go on ahead and I'd keep up with him. Next thing I knew, I'm buzzing along the Charles with Harvard University on the other side of the water, having a good old time (I watch the ground as I skate) and next thing I know, Ethan's nowhere to be found. Sure, there were tons of people on bikes and skates or just running, but I didn't see the tight black bike shorts with the red Red Sox shirt. (Well, I did see tons of Red Sox's Boston...hello!) He left me? I mean, this is supposed to be a date! And I'm like two miles from my car at the park.

So, I stopped and sat on the grass for a little bit (it was a gorgeous day, so I was basking in the lovely sunshine) and a little bit turned to an hour. An HOUR! When my ass started tingling from being asleep sitting on the ground (when everyone around me was paired up, running with friends or dates or skating two-by-two), I got up and skated back in the other direction...back to the car. I figured I'd give the guy a little more time and then I'd just leave a note or something and go home. Dates are more conducive to fun when there are TWO people involved.

I skated back (fell twice - UGH!) to the park and took off my blades. I waited another half hour for Ethan and then gave up. What a jerk! He was only supposed to skate ahead a little bit from me...keep me in eye sight. I mean, if he'd wanted to really exercise or workout or something, why did he invite me along? This was supposed to be the "get to know me" date that would lead to something else. Very strange.

I got out my notebook, wrote him a polite (believe me, it took some restraint not to say "thanks for leaving me for almost two hours, you jerk!" to him), but I said it was great meeting him, sorry we got separated (why am I always taking the blame for things?) and hope he had fun with his NYC friends. I left the note secured in his windshield wiper so he'd get it.

I went out with Mia and Griz Saturday night (wayyy too many apple martinis!) and then Sunday mid-afternoon, I get this call from Ethan apologizing up one side and down the other about how sorry he was that he'd gone off. Apparently, he'd met up with this guy from work (one he's really competitive with) and they ended up like having this mini-race all the way up to the sail loft in Boston (a realllllllly far way up Storrow Drive.) By the time he got there and they were all high-fiving and praising each other for the "good run," Ethan remembered he was with me and felt like a huge ass. Ah least he admitted it. He's going to make it up to me by cooking me dinner next weekend. That'll be nice.

So, a typical Vanessa date, but this one has a little more potential on the back end. A homecooked meal by a little hottie. I can go for that. I'll be sure to keep you posted. Don't worry...I'm sure I'll have more to say before Friday.

Hang loose...

Double Vee


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to say it (because you're awesome!) but is it possible that Ethan's 'just not that into you'? I'm thinking you had to call him and then he left you in the dust... or dirt... whatever. Anyway maybe you'll get a better vibe when he cooks you dinner? Let's just see what he cooks... ;)

8:14 AM  

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