Thursday, April 14, 2005

It's happy hour somewhere...

Vanessa here...

I know it's only Thursday, but this was the stupidest day in the history of all wise. The VP of Sales and Marketing was a little bitch all day asking for this, that and the other thing and then asking for it again. He's the name for my pain. So, to anesthetize myself from the day's activities, Griz and I went out drinking after work. It's not every day when happy hour starts at 5:00 p.m. and ends at 7:00 p.m. with me practically crawling home from the Kendall Square station. I think a guardian angel escorted me home 'cause I don't remember getting here, but here I sit in my flannel pants and my Hard Rock t-shirt listening to the Music Choice Dance channel and staring at the computer.

I understand I need a job to make rent, pay those student loan payments and get groceries, but does that mean I'm someone else's whipping post? Does that mean I can't eat my measley salad in peace without being asked for Excel sheets or Word documents? There needs to be a Geneva Convention for workers. Something to protect us during those 10 minute breaks or half hour lunches. Anything to provide a barrier from the stupidity of a cube farm office and the maniacal little manager men of the world out to make my life hell., I had too many glasses of Pinot Grigio at The Rack tonight. And the place was dead anyway...not like it is on the weekend full of the beautiful people trying to hook up and hang out. There was this one guy there playing pool by himself and he kept staring at me and Griz as we pounded back our drinks. I think he was a Bruins player...I mean, what else does he have to do since there's no hockey season? But I just wanted to drink. Drown the stupidity of my day in a good glass of wine and a big ole honkin' plate of nachos.

I'm not as ripped as you think I might be...okay, maybe a little. But at least I can still type. I can still form sentences and spell correctly. Maybe I should start drinking during the weekday to get through the idiocy of marketing plans, direct mail pieces and a vice president that smells of cheese.

I get home to Mia and Larkin (her boyfriend who *I* set her up with!) macking all over each other on the couch. Get a room -- Mia's room -- for heaven's sake. They're totally going to get married and have millions of babies...I just know it. And where will that leave me? I'll be that crazy old lady with the cats and stacks of DVDs and empty wine bottles all over her yard.

See, this is what happens when I drink too early in the night. I get all philosophical on your ass and morose and silly. There's no reason that I can't find someone myself. It happens to people every day...right? I need to get over myself and just focus on tomorrow. What does Scarlett say? "Tomorrow is another day." Yeah, sistah had that right.

Now, I'm just hungry. I could order a pizza. Mmm...a sporkie from Bertucci's would be good. Or maybe Chinese. Sweet and Sour chicken and some crab rangoons. Or maybe Indian...tandori chicken...mmm...I'm on food craving overload.

You've never seen me buzzed like this, eh? Well, soak it up 'cause I need to get over myself.

Okay, maybe I'll call Ethan Greene back. Oh yeah...he called me today at work and left a message. He wants to cook dinner for me on Saturday night to make up for the runaway roller blading date. This dude better cook like Jacques Pepin to get back in my good graces...but how can I turn down a man who wants to cook for me? I'll bring a bottle of wine...maybe some could be a fun evening. And God knows, it's been forever since I've had a good grub match...I sure could go for that. Man...I need to watch what I'm saying here. You'll think I'm a) an alcoholic; b) desperate; c) a skanky ho; d) all of the above.

All right. I'll have a Diet Coke...order some dinner and then I'll call Ethan. In the least, Saturday should be veeeeeeeeeery interesting...

Hang loose...and go have a cocktail, it's happy hour for heaven's sake!

Double Vee


Anonymous chet said...

i love reading about drunk chicks

4:12 PM  

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