Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Two girls, a Governor and a lot of traffic...

Vanessa here...

Man...I'm not a good blogger these days. Slacking off on my duties. It was just a ... long weekend. Things didn't exactly go smoothly with our plans and we had to adjust according to weather, attitudes and traffic. But that's usually the case whenever Griz and I try to do something.

We drove down to New York City, as you may remember, to go to the Tribeca Film Festival. Griz drove, which was a mistake 'cause the girl's got a lead foot. We were stopped by the local fuzz, of course, somewhere outside of New Haven, Connecticut. (Birthplace of W, so it was probably the Kerry for President sticker that got her.) She did, however, schmooze her way out of the ticket, putting on her Southern gushing simp. Works every time. Girlfriend was going 85...she should have gotten a ticket.

We had to stay out in Newark because the Hilton there was much cheaper than staying in Manhattan. Beside, the friends we have there were already booked for the weekend, so it would have been too crowded. We relied on New Jersey Transit to get us back and forth from Newark's Penn Station to NYC's station of the same name. Quick 20 minute ride into the city. And let me tell you what, their slogan should be "We Don't Fuck Around" because when they say the train will leave at 9:32, you can bet the farm that it will. Now that's efficiency. (Here that Boston's MBTA? You could take a lesson from this!)

Tribeca was a bit harried and crowded...not too organized. Sure, there were these people walking around everywhere with clipboards, walkie talkies and the "aren't I so important" headsets with the sour pusses on their face. God forbid if you tried to ask a question. I went up to this one guy and asked a question, then went back to ask something else and before I could say anything, he goes, "I've already answered you." Well...excuse me for living!

The rain started, but we did get tickets for a show called "Proud" about the only all African-American crewed WWII ship. Great movie, very emotional...true story, too! The real veterans from the ship were even there. Not even kidding. We saw Ally Hilfiger (Tommy's daughter), produced the movie, and the Governor of New York (let's talk about that comb-over, shallwe?!) was even there. The only movie-type person I caught a glipse of was Liev Schreiber when he was buying a film festival t-shirt.

Afterward the movie, we went for very large margaritas at this place called Chevy's and ended up at this table next to some jackass man would could not stop talking about himself. "When I was producing MY movie" and "I was talking with Bill Clinton the other day" and "I found it most refreshing to see my name up on the screen." AHHH!!!! By the end of my drink, I wanted to smack him into the middle of next week. People should not be allowed to start every sentence with "me" or "I." There are other pronouns, people!

The evening capped off with me and Griz at The Lounge @ Elmo for dinner, drinks and some kick ass music by DJ Adien that was simulcast on THE BEST online dance music that I listen to all of the time. Bookmark it rocks!

Took six hours to get home because of traffic. It was like that scene in Independence Day when they know the aliens are attacking and everyone's trying to get out of town before everything explodes. Only we never figured out the backup. At the first rest station, cars dove off for McDonald's and gas (gas for the car, although I'm sure you'd get it from FatDonald's as well) and that alleviated the problem some. Boy...this is what we get for trying to get away for the weekend.

I got home to a message from Ethan The Bad Kisser. He wanted to go to dinner a restaurant. I've had some friends tell me that I should give him a chance and teach him how to kiss. Others have told me to drop back five yards and punt. I'm still thinking about it. At least he's a live one on the hook...right? How bad can it be?

Must. Ponder. More.

Hang loose...

Double Vee


Blogger Julia Chamberlain said...

Hey, Vanessa! I was one of those festival volunteers with the headset and the walkie-talkie, and I can tell you that if you had asked me a question, I would have been way more polite than the bozo you talked to. Too bad you didn't get his name. We're told that we should never say, 'I don't know' or be rude to the festivalgoers. Hey, I saw Liev Schreiber too at the red carpet premiere of Fierce People. He was limping. What do you think that was about?

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Griz said...

I wasn't going car won't go that fast. I was only going about...75. You know, flow of the traffic...keeping up, not getting run over...

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Double Vee: I had to laugh really hard at Governor Pataki's comb-over. HA! Didn't I read he wants to run for president?

9:54 AM  
Blogger Diana Peterfreund said...

V, girl, you crack me up. Especially about Mr. Name-dropper at the bar. What a lieu-seur!

1:31 PM  

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