Saturday, May 07, 2005

Batten down the hatches!

Vanessa here...

So, I thought I'd head out today and do some cute guy gazing (as suggested) in Porter Square, but we're being battered by a Nor'easter. I mean, if it were 9 degrees colder, this would be one hell of a snow storm. The wind is howling so much that the windows are rattling throughout my apartment. It's an old triple-decker to begin with that moans even in a weak breeze, but it's like the shingles are going to rip off. The floors are creaking and the tree in front of the house is about to split in two...I just know it. And the damndest thing...all of the water has been sucked out of my's insanity. Now, there's this percolating sound in the drain of my sink. I'm telling's nassssstay outside.

And isn't it officially spring? Shouldn't the sky be blue? Where's the sunshine? I want to start tanning. I want to sit on the porch. I want to grill out dinner. And not wearing a parka.

I don't *get* what's going on with our New England weather. Is it global warming?It's supposed to be spring, people, yet I'm wearing flannel pajamas, have on thick socks and am walking around the apartment wrapped in my Cape Cod throw, toting around hot tea. Is it November? Sure...April showers bring May flowers, but May showers are making the flowers retreat into the ground. The trees are trying to bloom, but you can tell it's a struggle.

Dammit...I want warm weather! There's got to be warm weather's the second week of May for heaven's sake. Let's look at

Current temperature in Boston: Rain and wind, winds from the NNE at 27 mph gusting to 44 mph, 45, feels like 35.

Feels like thirty five?!?! Okay...I need to be somewhere else this weekend...surely everywhere isn't like this?!

New York City: 58 and cloudy
Washington, DC: 68 and partly cloudy
Atlanta: 74 and sunny
Miami: 76 and cloudy
New Orleans: 80 and partly cloudy

This isn't fair! I had plans. I was going to go sit on Mass Ave outside the Porter Square T station with my chai latte and watch guys again. I was promised cute guys there. I was going to take a book, my MP3 player, a sandwich, make an afternoon of it. But there's like a rain and wind warning. When I went outside, all I saw were people battling the stiff breeze, umbrellas turned and twisted inside out, street signs were about to come unhinged. It's like being on the set of The Wizard of Oz when the twister was hitting.

This is definitely staying in weather. I am a couch potato. Time for more tea and OnDemand movies. Here's the line up: Ferris Bueller's Day Off followed by St. Elmo's Fire. Ahhh...80's cheese. The best!

And since tomorrow is Mother's Day, I'll make a call to mis madre in Northern Virginia and settle in for my traditional movie fest: Mommie Dearest. Oh come's a classic!!!

Hang loose,
Double Vee


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