Monday, May 23, 2005

If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie, wipe the seatie...

Vanessa here...

Put on a bib or bring out your umbrella 'cause I'm about to rant all over the place.

Can we just talk about the Ladies Room? I mean, what's the deal? Everywhere I go -- work, the movie theatre, nice restaurants -- they're all the same. A big old mess. What's the problem, ladies?

I swear, here at work, we come in in the morning and the ladies room is pristine. Clean, nothing on the floor. But by lunch, there's toilet paper everywhere, water all over the counter and paper towels wadded up around the garbage can on the floor. We won't even talk about the flushing challenged people who can't manage to get everything down the pipes or the fact that there are perpetual seat-pee'ers who leave their mark every time.

I ask of my fellow you spill water all over the counter at home and not mop it up? Do you let the liquid soap oooooooze from the dispenser out onto your sink and not do something about it? Do you blow your nose and leave the used paper on the sink, as well? And, at home, when you're pulling the tp off the roll and little bits break off and flutter to the floor, do you not bend down and pick them up? I mean, we can't all live like pigs at home.

So why do we treat public bathrooms this way? What is it in our makeup or DNA that makes us pee on the rim and not wipe it? Or splash water all about without a care in the world. Why do we treat the public restrooms with such disdain for the next customer?

I was at the movie theatre the other day and these three teenagers were standing there at the sink primping. One spilled water everywhere and didn't do anything about it. The other used about 50 paper towels to dry her hands, spilling most of the on the floor and then she wadded the used ones up and shot them Shaq-style at the garbage can, only to watch them bounce out to the ground. Did they stop and clean up after themselves? Hell no. They just walked out.

Why do we do this? Is this our one chance in the world to be like a man? To not have a care in the world and treat things like shit? Or is this yet another notch in the post of our lost manners? Do mothers not teach their daughters good habits anymore? Or, are we just in so much of a hurry that we can't take the time to flush or clean up after ourselves?

I challenge every woman today. Wipe that seat! Pick up those tp bits that have fallen astray. Wipe down the counter. Hit that garbage can rim. Be civilized, people!!!

Is it just me or am I just going completely insane?

Let's make our world, our work place, our entertainment locations a better place...come on ladies!!

End of rant.

Double Vee


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay, V! Rant on, girl. You are soooo right. Man, I hate that. The thing is, these women who hose down the toilet seat do it because they're too effin' delicate to use the seat covers and fer gawd's sake pee sitting down like a woman was meant to do! ;-) Someone might have peed on that seat before them. Yeah. Someone like them.
I've got a hyperactive gag reflex, and, sometimes, it's all I can do to get in there and do my thing without whooping all over the floor.
And it's not po' white trash or rude teenagers, either. Used the john in one of those really upscale womens stores, where they had an ATTENDANT, can you believe it, and each "stall" was actually an enclosed room with a real door, and the old broad ahead of me in the mink and diamonds hosed down that seat, left a trail of soggy teepee across the floor. That poor woman who had to clean up after those broads. All I can say is I hope they were big tippers.

2:38 PM  
Anonymous julia thar said...

I went to this club in San Francisco a few years ago and it was the most god-awful experience. There was bar funk all over the floor and toilet paper wallpapered in the linolium to the point where there wasn't even enough on the rolls. And it was women of all ages from 20-somethings up to forty year olds who should know better. Course, it didn't help that the toilet in the place was this sort of women's urinal trough thing you just stood over. It was damn-near asking people to pee all over the place. Made me gag.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I feel your pain V. I work at a prominent investment bank and you should see the way the women leave the bathrooms. We have these automatic flushing toilets, but sometimes they don't flush when you're done, and these morons can't seem to locate the button that flushes the toilet. How do you not check to make sure all your stuff is gone before you leave a stall? Not to mention the women who use those toilet seat covers and then don't flush them all the way down, so that they're half on the seat, and half in the toilet. For those too dainty to sit on the seat, use your Kegel muscles and you should be able to stop spraying!

2:53 PM  

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