Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Observations on the Red Line...

Vanessa here...

I think the cold, winter-like May weather is making everyone insane. At least everyone who was riding the Red Line with me this morning into town. The following is what I observed in the commute from Porter to Kendall Squares on the Red Line:

  1. Man spilled some of his 90 ounce Dunkin Donut coffee on his pants leg and then proceeded to lick the spill off his trousers. Can you say "addiction" people?
  2. Blind woman who refused to take the seat people offered her (to the point of getting snippy), but almost fell down three times when the train came to sudden stops.
  3. Grumbly child with his father who refused to hold onto a train pole, but instead insisted on grabbing his father's...umm...pole...to hang on. (Dad was not happy!)
  4. Girl planning her wedding...on her cell phone having an argument about hydrangeas versus calla lilies (good cell phone service to work underground) and the conclusion was hydrangeas are cheaper and classier and calla lilies belong at funerals (I think I'll agree on that one.)
  5. At least nine people nodding over asleep on their next door neighbor (me included -- had to elbow the dude three times.) Was there something on television late last night that I should have stayed up to watch?
  6. Baby in stroller who kept spitting out her pacifier onto the train floor. The gross thing was, Mom kept picking it back up and shoving it into the kids mouth...yeah, along with all of the botchulism on the Red Line floor! Ewww....bad mother!
  7. Man with a chili pepper plant...and a baguette.
  8. Hip Hop kid with a tattoo on his cheek! Never seen anyone tattooed on their face before. It was some sort of Chinese lettering...he wore it well, I admit.
  9. Guy grumbling to his buddy about how Roger Clemens won his 330th game last night and what a "fat fahhhckin' loooooosah" he is.
  10. Tiny old lady sitting quietly in a corner seat, rubbing her rosaries.

Then, it was time to get off the train...

Lots to do today. Sending out a new direct mail marketing campaign through our new online e-mail software. Pretty cool, although I always get nervous about the people who are going to get it and get ticked off that we're sending them company junk. It's bad enough people refer to me as "The Spaminator" because of my job...I just don't want to, like, go to federal prison for spamming people with company marketing campaigns. Ahhh...the excitement of my job.

Looking forward to seeing lots of cute Boston guys tonight at Croma!

Hang loose...

Double Vee


Anonymous Dan the Man said...

Yup. That sounds about right for the stretch of the T. I saw a guy pissing off the platform one time at Harvard Square. Now I drive to work.

11:00 AM  

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