Monday, May 16, 2005

Okay...maybe I do have something to say...

Vanessa here...

I have this nifty little tool on my blog called Site Meter. It rocks my universe and I'm totally obsessed with it 'cause I can get all sorts of information on traffic, how people found me, what they're reading. It's fun and it's tres addictive. But it's also really funny and eye opening and I just LOVE to see how people find my site.

Example: this morning, someone Goggled the words gnocchi heathen and the first thing to pop up was my blog! LOL! And it made me realize that each and every word you write in your blog is completely searchable and you never know what people will pull up. I mean, who Googles gnocchi heathen? Yes, I was talking about the heathen children at the table next to me as I was eating gnocchi, but what's the significance of Googling gnocchi heathen? Sort of makes me want to meet this person. :)

Other searches that have brought up my adventures: "Talbots kids Medfield," "Tyler Florence+girlfriend" and I think almost as good as gnocchi heathen is "Amish Women catfighting." Now, in my defense, I use those three words in a blog entry no where near each other...but yet when you put it in Google, it pulls up alllll sorts of porn sites...and my blog! Boy, was that porn surfer disappointed when they landed here for two seconds. LOL! Now, that's someone I don't want to meet...who gets off on Amish women fighting each other.

So...your challenge for today is to go have fun with word combinations in the Google search box and see what it brings up for you!

Have fun!
Double Vee


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