Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Todd Gross grossed me out...

Vanessa here...

Is it just me or do the local weathermen with their cheery-ass-for-no-reason attitude make you want to throw something at the television? Let's face it people of Boston. Our weather is completely fucked. It's mid-May and we are still in the 40's to 60's. There's been very little nice weather since we officially hit spring, mostly overcast, gray skies, cold, windy and rainy. So, why do these local weathermen insist on putting the good spin on it as if trying to convince us that global warming hasn't totally messed with our ecosystem and plunged us into perpetual winter here.

And Todd Gross...I wanted to smack him. He said, get this...

"Chances of milky sunshine today."

And then his cohort, Pete Bouchard, at the same station, mimicked the words in this morning's report with that same shit-eating grin, saying "mostly cloudy today with chances if milky sunshine and it will be more dry than wet."

Milky sunshine??? Is he kidding me? Is that a fancy meteorologist way of saying "so cloudy you can't see the sun through the haze?" Milky sunshine? Where did they pull that one from? And it was delivered with such a condescending little smirk and lilt in the voice and an anchor "ha, ha, ha" behind it like he was the cutest thing ever.

I mean, sure, it sounds fun and happy and like the weather's actually nice and we should go outside without a coat, scarf and gloves, but what he's really saying is "I can't continue to depress the hell out of my viewers pointing out the fact that we've hit 70 once this year and there's no hope for any warmer weather in the future, so I'll make us some jackass term such as 'milky sunshine' to assuage the masses."

I do realize that realistically, these guys can't just stand there on TV and say "the weather is crappy" every day with "no end in sight and there's nothing you can do about it." People would be moving to red states left and right...or jumping off the Tobin Bridge. Course, they could take the high ground, do some real investigation into the environment and stratosphere and see if they can provide reasoning or explanation for our horrid weather patterns that have plagued us for the past three or so years. That would be a service to the viewers. And it's not just this particular station...it's all of them. They're all cheerleaders for this pathetic weather swirling around us. Come on, Boston weather people!!!

I'm sorry...I want real sunshine.

To make matters worse, I Googled "milky sunshine" and damned if this isn't a common weather term people have been slipping into our daily, consumer-driven lives. People are buying into this! Well, not me. There is no milk in my sunshine. I put milk in my cereal and coffee where it belongs.

I need to go somewhere...Miami Beach sounds nice...wonder if I have the vacation time?

Deep, cleansing breath...

Double Vee


Blogger agaffin said...

It's right up there with the "plowable snow" they kept warning us about a couple months ago.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous stephanie said...

I heard the Gross man say "veritable sunshine" one time and I almost puked.

11:09 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

i was just gonna mention the term "plowable event" too. they must just get bored of using the same terms over and over and this must be a weatherman's version of spicing things up. thanks but no thanks!

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't stomach the channel 7 weathermen for just this reason. Not that Harvey Leonard on channel 5 is any better. Remember Bruce Schwegler and his "storm" jacket?

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's sad but the Meteorologist know what the populace doesn't know and it is their way of making fun of the Massive and Global Weather Modification programs.

When they mention "Milky Sunshine" it is in reference to Geoengineering and Chemtrailed Skies. They are Gagged from talking directly about the Atmospheric Spraying. Most of these types of comments are made on the weekends when their superiors are off for the weekend and don't block them from making such comments.

Global Warming has nothing to do with what we are Experiencing. It's Climate Change and Man is behind Changing the World's Climate with these Geoengineering Schemes...

2:09 PM  

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