Tuesday, May 24, 2005

When did I move to Nova Scotia?

Vanessa here...

...bitching about the weather....again. Current conditions 45 degrees, drak gray clouds and rain. Something tells me I won't be attending any backyard BBQs or clam bakes over Memorial Day this weekend.

Looking out the window here at work, it looks like Heathcliff's about to come catapulting over the moors in search of Kathy. You can't see the city from Cambridge today because of the low lying fog and rain clouds. Everyone here at work is walking around in a funk, bundled up in sweaters, long pants and sweatshirts.

I heard a group of programmers in the kitchen talking about how the population in Massachusetts is dwindling. People are moving other places. Young college students aren't stay in town as much. As much as that increases new job prospects for me, it's sad that people are fleeing Boston over a condition no one can control. These guys in the kitchen were talking about how they were needing to get away. Needing a break from this weather.

It made me go to my bank's website to my linked account and check on my "crazy savings account." (Thus named for crazy money I put in it...like all of the change I find on the streets every year -- don't laugh, I pick up about $50 a year! And that $100 bill I found a couple of years ago. Or birthday checks my parents send. Or my income tax refunds, rebates I fill out...just all sorts of crazy ways to save money.) My crazy savings account has $3,000! Man, I could go anywhere.

Here's my wish list of travel destinations, in no particular order...
  1. Miami Beach: I've been there a couple of times. What a playground. Year-round sun, fun, the beach, great restaurants, shopping, hot clubs, hot guys, you name it. Hotels are affordable in off season and most of them have free happy hours.
  2. Hawaii: I'd love to go island hopping in Hawaii. Probably the best way to do it would be on a cruise, but the main thing I want to do is go swimming with whales and dolphins. How cool would that be? I think it would be awesome to hike the volcanoes, too.
  3. Jamaica: Come on, Stella got her groove back there. If I could find me a Taye Diggs on vacation, I'd be a happy girl too. :)
  4. Nice: That would be nice. Ahhh...the French Riviera. Where people go to play all the time. If you go in shoulder season, you can actually find some great deals on hotels. And, if you check out Go-Today, they have package deals that combine Nice with another great city like London, Paris, Madrid or Amsterdam. ('Cause I want to see those cities, too!)
  5. Tuscany: I'm a sucker for wanting to see Tuscany. The wine. The food. The towers. The rolling hills. Okay...so I've seen "Under the Tuscan Sun" one too many times and fantasize about running away to live in my own Italian villa...but the pictures of the landscape there are breathtaking and inviting.
  6. Brazil: How cool would it be to go to Rio during the Carnival? Talk about Mardi Gras on acid! Costumes, dancing, excitement, revelry. You name it. And the gorgeous men of South America...how come the ticket's not book yet?
  7. Aruba: The pictures I've seen from friends' trips are amazing. The water is a special crystal blue like none other I've seen. You can swim with stingrays, snorkel to your heart's delight and gamble in the casinos all night long. There are some good deals through various travel websites and most cruise ships go there, too.

So, I think I'm going to find myself a getaway vacation and at least pretend book it. Might lift my spirirts and make me feel better.

If you could spend your crazy savings account, where would you wing off to? What are your dream destinations? As as lovely as Nova Scotia surely is...I just want some blue skies and sunshine...

Double Vee


Blogger Julia Chamberlain said...

The weather is pretty abysmal here in New York as well. I might as well be in London. If I had a crazy, savings account that's where I would be, or New Orleans but not during the summer where the humidity is vicious. I once did a movie shoot in NO during the summer, because it was cheap to shoot there, and I almost died from the heat. Cannes is pretty cool, particularly during the festival. Bermuda is awesome, pink sandy beaches. I went there with my parents once for an Insurance convention. I'd also go to India to practice yoga but it's either monsoon season or too hot, so instead I'd head for Costa Rica or Mexico. Rancho La Puerta has a really groovy spa.

9:51 AM  
Anonymous julie k. said...

I've actually been to Nova Scotia and it is quite beautiful, but definately covered in fog most of the time. It's very much like Scotland, which I've been to, as well. I went to Antigua on my honeymoon and it's absolutely the most beautiful spot on earth. My brother used to vacation every year in Phuket, Thailand, but that was before the tsunami. I agree that nice weather places are best.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Kathy Holmes said...

We're living here in Florida now because this is the only place I can live other than my native California but I do miss fireplaces and jeans and my leather jacket. Okay, we do have a couple days a year when I get to wear my leather. In fact, I'm wearing it in the picture on my web site. But when I lived in California, I often visited Florida and the Caribbean. Now we're here, I miss California and Hawaii. I want it all.

1:00 PM  

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