Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cleaning up the doctor's mess...and a little vacation...

Vanessa here...in full angst.

I spent most of my day cleaning up the kitchen flood in my apartment. And no, Mr. Paulsen wasn't right about the dishwasher causing floods. I know...don't even go there. This was human error, plain and simple.

While technically, it was Barbara the Dishwasher's fault, it was mostly Mia's doing for turning on Barbara this morning (after Mr. Paulsen left) and then leaving to go to the hospital. I woke up to a river of water running down the hall from the kitchen into my bedroom. I was expecting to see some castaways on a raft or something.

What happened was Mia hooked Barbara up to the sink, but she didn't do it right. You have the push down, then up and twist. Mia apparently forgot one of the steps, so when the water pressure built up too much when Barbara got running, the faucet spewed everywhere! Of course, I was wicked late to work because I was down on my frickin' hands and knees sopping up the water with (of course) all of Mia's good towels. (There was only one dry towel remaining which I used for my shower, thankyouverymuch.) I had to put the rest of them in the washing machine to soak...ewww.

Dude, it was a mess. A complete and total mess. And I had to act quickly so as not to tip off anyone to Barbara's existence.

Honestly, Mia's got a goddamned medical degree, you'd think she could hook up a dishwasher. She's so buying me a gallon of wine tonight.

Tomorrow, I'm off on a mini-vacation. My buddy Griz is taking me home with her to South Carolina for a looooong weekend. We're staying with her parents (her father's a Baptist minister, so this should be interesting) and will be back on Monday. I've been promised beach time and cute boys, so I'll be sure to report in from south of the Mason-Dixon line as to all of our adventures.

Until then...

Hang loose!
Double Vee


Anonymous Hedvig said...

That happened to me once! Only it was worse. It was the evening before Thanksgiving, and the whole faucet blew. Like the metal faucet thingie was still attached to the dishwasher hose, and water was shooting straight up in the air from the hole in sink where the faucet used to be. And it was too late to call a plumber, and I had a full load of dishes! Not one of my shining moments.

Just thinking of it gives me the willies. Have some wine for me.

11:03 PM  
Blogger Michele said...

Have a great time!!!!
Um, gee, maybe Mia shouldn't, like, use the dishwasher when your gone????

6:53 AM  

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