Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Does anyone have a job?

Vanessa here...

Okay, so I left work early today for a doctor's appointment and decided to run some other errands in the meantime. I mean, it is sunshining after all. Looking around at the hordes of people, though, I have to ask: Does anyone have a job?

People everywhere! Not just tourists in their flip flops, fanny packs and Red Sox shirts. We're talking just regular Joes of Boston walking around, doing things, out and about, but not working. Have we marched out of our 9 to 5's in favor of the sunshine we're getting? Is it summer and people are taking time off? Do only men work and moms and their kids flood the streets with strollers and shopping carts? The train was packed! People wall-to-wall at 2:00 p.m. These people look like they have money...and they're spending it.

My question is, where do I get a job like this? No...me, I'm stuck in a veal cube all day in Cambridge, only getting outside for lunch or the occassional errand to the post office. Where's the job that allows me to take so much time off to just...hang? I mean, sure, I have some vacation time, but it's like two weeks a year and certainly wouldn't allow for massive hookey like I feel was in progress on the streets of Beantown today.

If I weren't up to my ears in loans from college that I have to pay off, perhaps I'd take a sabbatical. A few months to myself where I could hang out, play around, go to museums, hell, head to Europe and backpack. Anything. Something.

So, to all you poeple I saw today out milling about...more power to you! I wish I could do it myself. Share your secret, if you can.

Back to work...

Double Vee


Anonymous pam said...

I've wondered this so many times myself! Now that I work from home, I'll run to the store in the middle of the day, and often think the same thing as I sit in traffic...why aren't these people at work?

:) Pam

6:58 PM  
Blogger Jill Monroe said...

I really notice it at the mall. In the middle of the day it's filled, and not just women pushing strollers or mall walkers.

7:37 AM  

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