Monday, June 13, 2005

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Parker...

Vanessa here... it just me, or does the Brawny paper towel ad with the hunky man making a birthday cake with a puppy for Mrs. Parker kind of creep you out?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, check it out.

See, it's this hunky Brawny Man in this role reversal making a birthday cake for "Mrs. Parker," the woman in his life. He spills icing on the counter and hunkily wipes it up with, you guessed it, a Brawny towel. He's actually quite cute, but it's the slinky, smarmy voice over that creeps me out.

I understand that most ads on television contain babies and kids in them to sell you everything from tires to hair dye to McDonald's and Disney vacations, so it's refreshing that Brawny has tried something different (and the cute puppy is wicked cute.) But the voice over just makes my spinal column tighten and my ass slam shut.

Now, is this going to make me go out and buy Brawny towels? Not likely. Is it going to push me to the pound to adopt a puppy...more so.

I mean, what woman wouldn't want some hunky man in rolled up sleeves and beefcake arms baking a birthday cake? Who is this Mrs. Parker who gets to eat the cake and get a puppy for her birthday? Bitch. : ) Do men like this actually exist? Or, is this a mirage...a facade that will fade into the night as soon as midnight hits on the day after Mrs. Parker's birthday. Will he return to asking for his Buds and kicking back to watch crap like "Fear Factor" and "Everyone Loves Raymond," demanding dinner and keeping the kids away from him?

I'd like to think that the Brawny execs recognize that there's a need for good guys out there. And for that, I give them props.

So...I'll keep watching the ad -- that runs every 10 seconds, it seems -- and keep hoping for a gorgeous, built, sensitive man who'll bake me a birthday cake and present me with a puppy. I'll try not to be jealous of Mrs. Parker.

Hang loose,
Double Vee


Anonymous Emily said...

UGH! I hate that commercial--very creepy voice...

I'd rather get a massage and gift certificate than chocolate calories and a poop machine that I'll have to clean up after!! :)

11:46 AM  
Anonymous beejay said...

It's the guy that creeps me out. I don't even rememer the voice. It's that serial killer charming smile that makes my skin crawl. I'm waiting for him to pull the butcher knife out from behind his back and slice Mrs. P and the puppy into bloody ribbons. Yikes!

5:37 PM  
Blogger Vanessa Virtue said...

LOL! I'm with you beejay. Sure, the guy's cute, but that voice over just makes me think there's something not right with him and I want the little puppy to run away and escape! = )

6:53 PM  
Anonymous j said...

do you think this actually works in selling paper towels? do women actually stop in the aisle and think, "if i buy the brawny, will my husband cook for me and give me a puppy?" i don't see it.

6:54 PM  
Anonymous charmander said...

See, I looked at my husband during that very very strange Brawny ad and asked, cracking up btw,, "do they actually think this appeals to women?"

I mean the guy is "brawny" but a little too, I don't know, pretty? I don't know, maybe like one of the Village People set loose in the kitchen?

And get this, dh says, "Who says the ad is aimed at women?" Picture him here with one eyebrow raised.

And I go AHA!!! Queer Eye for the Brawny Dude? ;)

Charmander, Who loves ya Double V?

2:44 PM  
Blogger Vanessa Virtue said...

Lubs ya too, Charmander! ROFL at Queer Eye for the Brawny Man. Now, I'm going to have to pay more attention to the ad buys for this who are they trying to reach? Last time I saw the ad, it was on "NAPA STYLE" a show about cooking in Napa on the Fine Living Channel. Didn't make sense to me...

5:35 PM  

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