Monday, June 06, 2005

Note to self: Don't pick up tourists...

Vanessa here...

Just staring off into space about what to write about today. Nothing particularly earth shattering to report. It is back in the cold 50's today after a gorgeous weekend spent outside soaking up the rays, getting sunburned and turning all of us pasty-white New Englanders into the looks of boiled lobsters. I saw this one guy at the store and he looked like he'd dunked himself in a vat of Ralph Lauren barn door red paint.

Griz and I went to the beach this weekend (full of glowingly white people, like I said) and we also made a trip into the North End. I just just the North End. It's tiny, it's compact, it's damn-near impossible to find a parking place, but there's so much there in those few streets and blocks. The smell of pasta, seafood and garlic literally paints the air. Cappuccino stops are everywhere and you can find clumps of locals sipping the potent liquid and carping about their day. And no visit to the North End wouldn't be complete without a visit to Mike's Pastry. We stopped in for gelato (the tiramisu flavor was to die for!) and ended up walking out with some cannolis and fruit tarts. (The Italians should leave the fruit tarts to the French, quite frankly.)

In our sojourn, though, we ran into these really cute tourists who'd wandered a street or two off the Freedom Trail. They were cute guys...from Ohio. Jason and Justin. And no, they weren't twins or anything. They're here for a week as they're touring America before starting law school in California in September. So, Griz and I got them back to the red brick guide on Hanover Street that would get them headed towards the Old North Church on the Freedom Trail. We ended up hanging out with them and walking around. Then, we drove them over to the Charlestown Navy Yard (it's a long walk!) so they could see Old Ironsides and then walk up to Bunker Hill.

We met up later with Jason and Justin that night and had a great time...well, dinner was nice, we had drinks, but then it was weird...the guys started talking about high school. Like it was yesterday. Griz and I were looking at each other kind of strange like...what's this all about? Seems like they went to rival high schools, met in college, but continue to cluck at each other about whose high school football team was better. They talked about state championships and rival games and stuff, like it was yesterday! I mean,'re 27 dudes...high school was another world ago. How could two guys this cute turn soooooo boring soooooo fast? I thought Griz was going to lay her head down on the table and go to sleep.

Then, outside the restaurant, they were arguing about a wrestling match that happened in like 1996 and then they literally hit the ground and put each other in these matching head locks -- we're talking feet wrapped around necks, faces turning was soooooooo embarrassing! They were rolling around the ground (ewww...) like a couple of heathens. And they hadn't even had that much to drink. People started looking and laughing and one guy yelled, "someone call a cop!" Needless to say, Griz and I quietly headed to the parking garage to get her car...and we went home.

That'll teach me to pick up a tourist...

At least the pastries from Mike's were good.

Hang loose,
Double Vee


Blogger Kathy Holmes said...

Sorry your weather turned cold again. Boston was lookin pretty good over the weekend as I watched them on TV play my old hometown team, now called The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Is that redundant or what?

7:11 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I hate guys that are still obsessed with high school. The ones who still wear their class ring, and have their letter jackets. What's up with that? But then I know guys who still wear their college ring 20 years after the fact. But hey at least you met cute guys over the weekend!

9:23 AM  

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