Friday, June 10, 2005

What 'cha readin?

Vanessa here...

Boston is one the most literate societies in the country, I'm proud to report. We read!

I love that moment on the train each morning after every bullies their way through the sliding doors, scoping out a seat and maneuvering to get one before the person behind you and then you settle into the space you'll be occupying for the next half hour. People pull out their MP3s, their cell phones, their newspapers or magazines, but it's the hearty book reader that catches my attention. Women draw paperbacks from their purse, men get books from their briefcase, young kids pull them from their backpack. But everyone is reading.

And then, there comes that moment where everyone holds their book up in front of them, poised to read, as if to show off your literary choice and what you're about to delve into. People position and nod their head to get a look at what you're reading and oftentimes will proudly display their find.

There's the inevitable literary reader, holding their head high with today's bestseller. They probably read more for the chance to say at a party, "Why yes, I read The Five People You Meet in Heaven..." There's gals like me reading chick lit, romance and anything hip and cool you can get your hands onto. There's the older woman reading a battered, library copy of an old Sandra Brown book. There's the guy reading Mystic River -- and he's the same guy who last week was reading The Da Vinci Code. And, there's the woman who's probably reading something hot and steamy, of the bodice-ripping variety, because she's got her paperback in a dainty gingham and eyelet cover so you can't see what she's reading. Don't you love those?

But we're all checking each other out, perhaps taking notes for future purchases, looking for covers that stand out to us, watching the reader's face as they hurriedly flip the pages. Is it good? Am I missing out on a riveting story? Should I order that today from Amazon? Yes, yes and yes!

I had a friend from college visit me last year and we were riding the Green Line together. It was the first time she'd ever ridden a train, so that alone was a big experience. But she looked around at the train and this was the conversation...

Her: So, you ride this to work every day?

Me: Yeah.

Her: What do you do the whole time?

Me: I read.

Her: Like, a book?

Me: of books.

Her: Well....lord.

So yeah...go get a book and read. It'll do you some good!

Hang loose and happy weekend!
Double Vee


Anonymous j said...

i like to use the gingham and eyelet cover when i'm reading playboy on the train. ;-)

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should come to New York and go to Strand, 18 Miles of Books. It's heaven for a booklover.


10:10 AM  

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