Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What's wrong with parents?!

Vanessa here...

So, I'm on the T yesterday after work and there's this Super Mom with her three kids ranging from probably five years to three to baby old enough to sit in a stroller. They're all dressed alike in these ridiculous yellow, blue and red clothes and all three of them have Mohawks. I shit you not. Mohawks! Even that poor baby had one. I mean, hair completely gone down the sides and thickness smack down the middle. What hair stylist genius created this? It certainly wasn't Jonathan Antin! (Sorry...it's Blow Out Tuesday, have to work in a reference to get people to watch.)

Did these kids (who aren't smart enough not to pick food up off the T floor and put it in their mouth -- ewwwwwwww) get a decision in this do? Did they lobby for this? Did they see some punk kid on the playground staring down his homies with a 'hawk down the middle? Did they roll up to Mom later and say...

"Hey, Mommy. After my Japanese lesson, trip to Plaster Fun Time and soccer class, let's go get me a Mohawk. All the kids are doing it."

"Why sure Dunston, that sounds like a great idea. We'll get Brandon and Madison one too while we're at it."

Ugh! (Yes...those were the kids' names. Everyone on the train knew it.)

And if the Tres F/X on the kids wasn't enough, the Three Mohawked'kateers were the loudest thing on the train. Screaming and hitting each other and bothering everyone around them. Why do people like that think that everywhere they go is their living room? The baby was crying and kept dropping his (although it could have been a her...hard to tell) pacifier on the floor of the train and what did Super Mom do? She shoved it back into the kid's mouth. GROSS! I mean, think of all the germs and stank on the floor of the T. All the people who've walked there, spit there, God knows what else there. Everything they've ever stepped on today, they've drug onto the train. It goes beyond germs...it's toxic. And what's she doing? She's poking that pacifier back in like it fell on her lily-white clean carpet at home. That's just...ewww...

God, I hope Mia and Larkin aren't going to be parents like this. I hope they don't give their baby a Mohawk and pre-register him or her for pre-school post umbilical cord cutting. I hope the kids just gets to be...a kid.

I know, you all think I'm a terrible person for saying all of this. But I'm not bagging on the kids. It's not this generation of children's fault that they're so horrible and uncontrollable and spoiled and entitled. I blame the parents! They have mollycoddled their kids to the point of no return. Wait another 10-12 years when little Dunston, Brandon and Madison are in the work force. Watch how they'll behave during a performance review, or when asked to stay late to help on a project. I don't want to be around for the temper tantrum.

Then there's my friend, Courtney, who just got married last summer and all anyone can do is ask her "when are you having kids?" Like that's anyone's business! Honestly! Courtney said she feels so pressured by her friends and family that she's just going to cave in a get pregnant so everyone will leave her alone. Yeah...that's a good reason to bring a life into this world.

Don't get me wrong...I hope to one day find Mr. Right, settle down and have our requisite 2.3 kids. But it'll be because that's what we want...not what society expects.

And you can bet for damn sure...they won't have Mohawks!

Hang loose,
Double Vee


Anonymous j said...

i'll have 2.3 kids with you.

parent are horrible these days, i agree with you straight on.

9:30 AM  
Blogger Vanessa Virtue said...

LOL "j," I didn't say I was READY to have those 2.3 kids. = )


9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's disgusting that that mother let her child put that back in its mouth after it was on the floor of the train. I would never allow my children to do that or act like that. Please don't hate all parents. Some of us are really trying. But I agree that's annoying to you and everyone around them. Yuck.

9:35 AM  

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