Friday, August 19, 2005

Drenched in stupidity...

Vanessa here...

Was this the longest day of the year, or what? It seemed like the day just dragged and dragged and dragged. Maybe because I've been anticimapating my date with Hunter tonight sooooo much. I don't know about where you live, but here in Boston today, it was like everyone left town. The streets were empty, the cubicles at work were sporadically filled and it only took me 25 minutes to get home.

I thought I'd check in with you before Hunter gets here for our second official date (the get-together at The Rattlesnake a week ago didn't count 'cause it was a meet up thing) and I'm on pins and needles. Why? Well, let's just start out with...

The Stupid Things I Did Today:
  1. I wore a pair of sandals to work today that I haven't worn since 1999. Stuuuuuupid. A half hour into the morning, I had blisters galore on my feet and was in quite a bit of pain. I had to call Mia at the hospital and have her bring me a pair of flip flops (they have a supply of them for the doctors) during her lunch break.
  2. I made the mistake of eating a poppy seed bagel at an 8:30 breakfast meeting and at 11:15, my marketing buddy, Jack, said to me, "You know, you've got like nine poppy seeds stuck in your teeth, right?" UGH! Why didn't someone tell me before then?!?!
  3. I was supposed to meet Hunter after work tonight at Kinvara Pub in Government Center before going to a movie...but I had to e-mail him with a change of plans. I said I'd be at work late...couldn't tell him the real story. Griz and I went to the burrito place for lunch and on the first friggin' bite, the beans, rice and sour cream just booginked out of the tortilla, down the front of my WHITE shirt. Griz, of course, starts wiping at it, turning it from a mess to a complete shit stain! I had to borrow this company baseball shirt to wear for the rest of the day because I was a mess. I couldn't have Hunter see me like this, so I came home and he's coming over for pizza and some Netflixing. Oh, and we're going to watch a movie, too. :)
  4. My allergies were acting up, so I took a Benedryl (it was all I had) and I fell asleep at my desk around 2:30. Fortunately, Griz called me with some office poop and woke me up. I'd only been asleep for 7 minutes, but my gel pen had fallen onto my finger and I have a big blue ink smudge on me.
  5. I needed energy to wake up (see #3), so I consumed a Milky Way bar. Well, not only did it wake me up, but it ripped up my, I'm bloated and crampy and...I have a date tonight.
  6. I accidentally told Motor-Mouth Mara of the All-Chicken-All-Day contingent that I liked to cook, so now she's e-mailing me all these low cahhhhhb chicken recipes: beer can chicken, chicken livers in Diet Dr. Pepper (gag), chicken thighs in grape sauce.
  7. I got home and ran into Mr. Paulsen. (Remember him...the freakazoid landlord?) I made the mistake of asking him, "How are you?" And, for the next 25 minutes, he told me. He apparently has a spastic colon and had to go in for some sort of camera up the ass test today that left him groggy and all sorts of other things that he went into details about. Let's just say, ewww...

So, I took a long, hot shower, shaved all the appropriate places and have dressed in my cute little Diesel jeans and this BCBG top I splurged on during a sale. It's demure, but cute. Not slutty at all. I do have an FBI agent coming over, after all.

We're going to sit on the floor, eat pizza, drink wine (he's bringing over a couple of bottles) and watch some movies. And then, I hope we make out like New Hampshire teenagers in the back of a truck in Hampton Beach. Sorry...local reference. It means I want to kiss him...baaaaadly.

And Mia's staying at Larkin's tonight (as most every night), so I've got Hunter all to myself. Better go brush my toofies and get ready!

Hang loose and talk to you on Monday!

Double Vee


Blogger Kathy Holmes said...

#1 and #4 really cracked me up.

#1 - if you get really desperate and can't get flip flops from the hospital next time maybe you can call a salon and get those little flip flops they give you when you get a pedicure. :)

#2 - I have worked with people who napped underneath their desks. It was too weird. I'd walk into their cube, look around, and then I'd hear this voice, "Yes, can I help you" - my eyes would follow their voice and I'd find them underneath their desk.

1:11 PM  

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