Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Let Freedom Ring!

Vanessa here...

...with part two of my date with hunky, hot FBI agent, Hunter Langdon. (Do you love saying his name as much as I do?

I know...I know...I left you hanging yesterday, but there are only so many hours in the day to blog. Still...I appreciate your interest, your comments and your e-mails!

When last we talked, Hunter had just hugged me, thanked me for a great night and said he looked forward to seeing me on Sunday. (Snoopy dance!)

So, I barely get through Saturday, what with Griz dragging me to the mall with her to go shopping. But, finally, it's Sunday morning. I showered, styled my goldy-brown hair just so and then...couldn't find a thing to wear. It was impossible to dress for this date! Why? Well...
  1. It's August in Boston and it's hooooooooooooooooot as hell
  2. We'll be walking quite a bit, so no cute, fashionable sandals
  3. Thunderstorms are threatening

Knowing all of that, I rummaged through Mia's closet (what does she care...she's practically living with Larkin while planning their wedding in three weeks) and I find her weatherproof Reebok cover-up and matching shorts. That would be perfect if it rained because the cover-up had a hood. I matched up my white Gap t-shirt and Nike runners (was is kosher mixing dueling athletic companies?) and I was on my way!

I reached Park Street on the red line at precisely noon-thirty, as agreed. I wasn't sure it Hunter would want to start with lunch, so I didn't eat. My rumbling stomach was not happy. Dude, I was too nervous to eat!

But there he was...sitting on a bench with his arm spread across the back, demoing ever taut muscle in his upper torso. (Yummy yum yum!) Our eyes synced up immediately and I waved at him. He was a bit dressier in his khaki shorts (ooo...nice ass!) and a tight-fitting black Ralph Lauren short-sleeved polo. He hugged me when he saw me and I melted into a little pile of good.

But no time for nookie in the park, Hunter Langdon had a task to accomplish. He wanted to do the Freedom Trail, by God. So, off we went with me leading the charge and showing him my city like I was a native. We started in the common (checked out the lesbian swans and Make Way for Ducklings) and then head to the State Capitol and then to the Granary. (Did you know Mother Goose is buried there?) Then we popped into the Park Street Church, King's Chapel and the statue of Benjamin Franklin. Then down the street to the Old South Meeting House and then back on the stupid painted red line towards Faneuil Hall.

Throughout all of this, I learned...

  1. Hunter thinks cemeteries are beautiful. (I think Hunter is beautiful.)
  2. Hunter doesn't drink sodas either. (I'm drinking him in.)
  3. Hunter has a great laugh when he chuckles along with my stories and commentary. (His laugh makes my insides tingle.)
  4. Hunter has really big feet -- like men's size 12! (You know what they say about guys with big feet. :)

Over in Faneuil Hall, we stop in at the Union Oyster House for something to eat. He orders a dozen raw oysters and I'm wondering...is this date going somewhere? I eat a great bowl of chowder 'cause the temperature dropped and I'm a little cold. (Not so smart wearing a white shirt.)

From there, we walk over to the North End (after a quick stop at Mike's Pastry for some tiramisu gelato) and continue walking and flirting.

That's when it happened.

I mean, I knew it was coming...but then, right there on Prince Street...

...the heaven's opened up and it started raining like nine bastards!

I squealed when the first of the chubby rain pelted me...instantly flattening my hairdo. So much for trying to look my ultra-cutest. Hunter looked up and laughed at the rain. Ha! Of course he can laugh, the man carries a gun...nothing bothers him. I reach around my waist and grab the cover up. I unzip the collar and put the hood up, but damn if it's not in the least waterproof. (Gee, thanks for nothing, Mia!) I'm getting soaked. Like the proverbial drowned rat. People are running all around us, seeking shelter, and here we just stand.

Then, Hunter grabs my hand and we break into a run towards the Old North Church. Hell, he could be leading me into a Satanic worship service for all I cared. His hand was large and warm around mine, protecting and leading. I'd follow him anywhere.

We get to the Old North Church and it's full of people, so we run past it into this little alley that's got this bit of an awning and some tree branch coverage. He pulls me under it with him and holds me tightly against his chest. My heart's slamming Nascar-style and I breathe in deeply the smell of soap, rain and...Hunter.

I look up at him. Our faces are so close. And that's when...

SHIT...Mia's in the bathroom throwing up. Damn morning sickness...

I have to go help her...more tomorrow...I promise!!! It gets really good!

Hang loose,

Double Vee


Blogger Shannon McKelden said...

What a tease, VV!! I want to know what happened!!!! :-)

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You did NOT just blog-tease us!

8:46 PM  
Anonymous j said...

i think i'm going to have to kick this gyu's ass.

8:51 PM  
Blogger Diana Peterfreund said...

Okay, that is totally unnecessary. If you have time to press "publish" you have time to finish the sentence!

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Kathy Walsh said...

I love how this is unfolding. It's a serial and I have to keep tuning in to read more. Hope you post soon!


11:21 AM  

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