Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A little weepy today...

Vanessa here...

A little weepy today on several fronts...
  1. The guy selling Heralds in South Station this morning was asleep at his post and people were just taking newspapers.
  2. A baby was crying on the train and it's mother was just ignoring it, reading her Danielle Steele novel.
  3. A man on the T was asking for "spaaaahhhhhhe channnnnnnge" and screaming it out so that people were fleeing from him and cringing. He had crazy in his eyes.
  4. I didn't get to each lunch today and worked straight through until I was so sick from lack of food.
  5. I'm PMSing.
  6. Being Bobby Brown is more episodes.
  7. Utter, total depression over the devastation in New Orleans, Biloxi, Gulfport and Mobile. So sad. So very sad. Give to the Red Cross. Do anything! Do something! Help these people!
  8. Hunter didn't answer any of my e-mails. (Okay, maybe he was busy.)
  9. My mother called to tell me I got a letter about the status of my student loan. It's apparently been rebundled and sold to another company and they're upping my payments.
  10. Finally, I went with Mia after work to pick up her wedding dress. She looks gorgeous. Happy. Glowing. I hate her.

Okay, I don't hate her...I love her, but I'm jealous. I just hope I can get through the weekend without crying my eyes out. Mia and I've been together for a couple of years. It's like we're breaking up. She's moving out, starting her life and her family. And I'll be all alone.

Yeah...definitely PMSing. Dinner tonight is a bottle of Buena Vista wine, French fries and a tub of Edy's Gourmet.

I'll be better tomorrow...I promise.

Hang loose,
Double Vee


Anonymous j said...

chin up, double v

9:38 PM  

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