Monday, September 05, 2005

Here comes the bride, all fat and wide...

Vanessa here...

...grateful for Labor Day and the day off so I can catch my breath from the weekend. Man! So much happened...where do I start?

Well, first of all, Mia did not look all fat and wide, but she did look obviously preggars in her wedding gown. What did she expect, she's like five and a half months along?

But before I get to that, let me start with Friday and I'll work up to today. I can't believe all that's happened...

Remember how Hunter sent me the flowers and said he couldn't wait to spend the weekend with me? Well, I was really looking forward to the weekend and what might happen. After work on Friday, I did the proper grooming for my date with Hunter and he came to pick me up right at 7:00 p.m. Um-boy, can that man kiss. It was definitely an "I missed you so much" kiss and promised for more to come.

We went out to dinner and then went to Loews to see a movie. He let me pick. I was thinking maybe Must Love Dogs, but thought it might be too much of a chick-flick, so I picked The 40 Year Old Virgin. I'd heard from friends that it was wicked funny, so that was it. Hunter didn't look too interested in seeing it, uncomfortable almost, but he went along. We laughed all through it (and it was a great movie) and afterwards, I was commenting on how sad it was that someone that old was a virgin. I mean, even me with my bad man luck, I at least lost the big V in college.

So, we get to my apartment and curl up on the couch to watch TV. I don't even remember what was on (Iron Chef America re-runs or something) because I put the moves on him. This man is fine and I have him alone in my apartment on the couch. Hello?! Am I stupid? Nope. We roll around on the couch and kiss a lot and stuff, but he's not really making the moves to go further. I understand him wanting to be a gentleman and all, but I'm so ripe I'm about to fall off the vine. Then, he asks if he can stay over and I'm like hell yeah! Well, okay...I just said "sure."

But that was it. We just slept. It was heavenly, let me tell you, wrapped in his arms. He likes to cuddle and totally held me all night. It was the best night's sleep I've had in a long time. But I'm worried that he's not interested in me sexually. I was going to put the moves on him Saturday morning, but right when I turned in his arms and started munching on his lips, Mia burst into the apartment in her pre-wedding jitters.

Apparently, she and Larkin had this huge fight. We're talking throwing things down the staircase fighting. I told her they were just nervous about what was about to happen and everything would be okay once they got down the aisle and said "I do." Hunter was a sweetheart. While I was calming down Mia, he went into the kitchen and put on the coffee, made waffles and bacon for the three of us. (Good looks, great kisser and he cooks!) By the time we'd fed our faces, Mia had calmed down and realized it was just the whole "death do us part" thing that was wigging her. Hunter explained what a beautiful thing marriage was and how Mia and Larkin had another life to think about. She, of course, broke down crying about how much she loved Larkin and couldn't wait to get married. So, thanks to Hunter and his soothing voice and delicious breakfast, the wedding was back on.

Hunter left to home and change and said he'd meet me at the chapel. What a great guy going to this wedding with me. Most guys would wig and think you're just trying to hook them in (which maybe I am trying to do) by taking them to a wedding. But, it's a small affair and it'll be nice not to be by myself.

Mia and I spent the morning and into the afternoon spoiling her with a mani, a pedi, a massage especially for pregnant women and then we had her hair done. Now, this woman looks like a million dollars wet stepping out of the shower, so believe me when I say it didn't take much of a makeover to make her shine. Her long, black hair looked like silk and her eyes were highlighted with just the right amount of shadow.

Her dress was gorgeous...seed pearls and yard and yards of silk. She splurged a little on the dress, figuring she was only going to do this once. The design didn't do much to cover up the poochy bulge under her dress, but then again, maybe it was the pregnancy making her glow so much.

Although, let me say, we were not allowed to mention the bambino at all around Mia's grandmother. The woman was old as Noah and from the homeland of the Azores. Mia's mother came up from New Bedford and provided the Portuguese translation for us trying to talk to the grandmother. (We just told her Mia had gained weight...I guess she bought it.)

I was wearing this flowing, flowery, teal-colored Ann Taylor dress. Very dressy, but not your typical, cliched, embarrassing bridesmaids dress -- thank you, Mia! When I walked into the church, I literally saw Hunter's face break out into this humongoid smile. He watched me the whole way down the aisle and even as the ceremony started, I could sense his eyes on me. I didn't pay as much attention during the ceremony as I should have because I was eye flirting with Hunter the whole time. He looked amazing, too. Crisp, black, three-buttoned Hugo Boss suit with a white shirt and a light blue and white Tommy Hilfiger tie. He could easily have graced the cover of any magazine.

And he was mine. Mine, mine, mine. At least for the moment. This gorgeous, sweet, caring, kind man is here with me. After only knowing me for about a month, he's here as my date to my wonderful roommate's wedding. Now, that guy's a keeper.

(Oh, a funny aside during the wedding -- which was a full, two hour mass in Latin, English and Portuguese -- at one point, the priest held his hand over Mia and Larkin's head and said a prayer that "if these two happen to have children, may God bless any children of this union." The snickering filtered about the church, but I guess it was good that the bambino was included in the ceremony, after all.)

Mia and Larkin were pronounced man and wife. They kissed. We cheered.

Outside the church, after everyone filtered out, Hunter found me and put his arm around me. He leaned in so close that I could smell the yumminess of his Tommy cologne. Placing a kiss on my neck below my ear, he said to me, "I know you're supposed to watch the bride at a wedding, but I just couldn't take my eyes off of you."

Melt. Into. Butter.

He does like me! I mean, really likes me!

More tomorrow on the reception and what happened next...

Hang loose,
Double Vee


Anonymous stephanie K. said...

You're teasing us again! I can't wait to hear the rest of thes tory.

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can the grdanmother be so stupid?

8:09 PM  

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