Friday, September 16, 2005

Short, sweet and to the point...

Vanessa here...

Not much to blab about today. It's Friday, baby!

Few updates here...
  1. My boss totally praised me for this PowerPoint presentation I did of all of our marketing materials that the web people were able to put up on our site for clients to download. Whooohooo...considering I taught myself PowerPoint in like three hours the other day. Could a promotion or raise be far behind?
  2. I have some very cool exciting news about a deal that's been offered to me by a kick-ass PR company in New York City. (Tune in for more information there!)
  3. Hunter's back from Langley. Said he's too exhausted to do anything tonight, but he'll be over for William's welcome party tomorrow. So, Griz and I are doing a girl's night out on the town. She heard there are some Boston Bruins players hanging out downtown, so we're gonna be skate chasers tonight.
  4. I've lost five pounds! (And don't tell me to turn around 'cause I'll find them. ) Guess I've been stressing about this whole Hunter thing, but hey, it just makes me more svelt and desireable, right?
  5. I think I have a lead to who "j" is who posts here in my comments section. Hmmm...
  6. And finally...I got whistled at today. And not by a bum or a creep, but a bonafide CUTE guy who was sitting at Starbucks as I breezed by. Now that just made my weekend!

Have a great Friday night, wish me luck tomorrow and check in this weekend for the eye candy!

Hang loose,
Double Vee


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