Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Something for the hell of it...

Vanessa here...

Okay, enough blathering and boredom of my love life. Let's spice things up with a fun quiz that was e-mailed to me today. Take it and pass it on to your friends.


A - Age you got your first real kiss: Twelve. It was when my dad was stationed at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. I was in 7th grade and at a party at Carol Barker's house. She was the "cool" girl in school because her parents let her have unchaperoned parties. With some good ole 70's disco music playing in the background, Carol announced that it was time for people to pair off. The serious couples retired to her father's den where the satellite TV was hooked up for insta-porn and the rest of us were lined up like criminals in a police line up. Then, you had to step forward and kiss the person in front of you. I was paired up with Lee Lockhardt. He was Marky-Mark cute back then. He marched forward, laid one on me, thrust his tongue into my mouth, wiggled it around a bit and voila! my first kiss!

B - Band listening to right now: Pussycat Dolls "Don't Cha"

C - Crush: Patrick Dempsey in "Grey's Anatomy"

D - Dad's name: Stanley...Major Stanley Virtue. And yes, he's scary.

E - Easiest person to talk to: Toss up between William and Griz. They're both the bestest girlfriends a girl could ever want.

F - Favorite bands at the moment: I'm really getting into The Black Eyed Peas and Damien Marley's "Welcome to Jamrock"

H - Hometown: I'm an Air Force brat, so I don't really have one. I was born in West Berlin, Germany -- when The Wall was still up. I've lived in Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Las Vegas and Washington, DC (Arlington, VA)

J- Kindergarten: Little Bigtop in Waco, Texas

K - Kids: Not 'til I get a husband, thankyouverymuch

L - Longest car ride ever: From Montgomery, Alabama to my cousin Claudia's high school graduation in Baltimore. Got caught in rush hour in Atlanta, a car wreck back up in North Carolina and the George Washington Bridge being up in Metro DC. My father cursed the whole way.

M - Mom's name: Vivian. Yes, it's totally mom is Vivian, I'm Vanessa and my little sister is Victoria. Buy some new consonants folks!

N - Nicknames: DoubleVee, VV, Virtuosity

O - One wish: To find true love.

P - Phobia[s]: Deadly fear of flying, can't stand bugs, don't like smelly people.

Q - Quote: "A kiss is where the romance is." - Kate from French Kiss

R - Reason(s) to smile: I've got good friends, a place to live, a job to pay the bills and relative good health when I don't gorge out on chocolate and champagne.

S - Song you sang last: "Cry Me a River," Justin Timberlake. What? It's a good CD!

T - Time you woke up [today]: 5:58 a.m., just like every freakin' day.

U - Unknown fact about me: My piggy toe on my left foot curls under.

V - Vegetable you hate: Bok Choy...can't digest the shit. I know...TMI.

X - X-rays you've had: Thought I broke my arm in 5th grade. Had my lung x-rayed in college when they thought I had walking pneumonia.

Z - Zodiac sign: Pisces

Now it's your turn! Have at it while I dig into the yummy Asparagus Risotto William's making for dinner tonight. Mmmmm...

Hang loose,
Double Vee


Anonymous stephanie k. said...

I'm totally going to send this out to all my friends! Thanks for posting!

9:07 PM  
Anonymous j said...

i'm a pisces too.

7:44 AM  
Anonymous emily said...

My piggy toes are fatter than the rest...

7:53 AM  

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