Saturday, September 24, 2005

Weekend eye candy...

Vanessa here...

Sorry for the eye candy delay. Girlfriend had to go get her hair did this morning.

Take a gander at this. His name is Gil. I'd like to find this in my bed.

Hang loose,
Double Vee


Anonymous j said...

no comment

5:26 PM  
Blogger Vanessa Virtue said...

Oh, come on, "j," you wouldn't want to find that in your bed?

5:27 PM  
Anonymous j said...

considering i'm a guy, um, no.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, pictures like this don't usually do anything for me, but this -- this -- made me drool outwardly and have to demand sex from my boyfriend. (And yes, he posed this way for me.) Thanks for the inspiration.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Vanessa Virtue said...

Oh great, Anon. Glad I could help get YOU some. Now, how can *I* get some. *sigh* More of my failed weekend tomorrow...


1:30 PM  
Blogger Mel Francis said...

Double Vee,

Hate to rain on the parade here, but dude looks a little light in the linen. So, I showed my friend Phil, (who knows all about this stuff from personal experience) and he said my gaydar definitely was on target.

He's got great eyes; unfortunately, they're looking at my husband more than me!

7:02 PM  
Blogger Vanessa Virtue said...

LOL, Mel! You know, I thought the same thing, but in this guy's bio it said he was married to some Italian model. Maybe she's his cover? *EG*

5:40 PM  

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