Friday, October 21, 2005

Girl's Night Out...

Vanessa here...

It's Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday, baby! And I thought I'd blog before I head out for the evening with Griz and William. We're going out to dinner and dancing. And yes, I'm sure there will be some alcohol involved.

I just love having great friends to go out with. Last night was Girl's Night Out here in Boston. This group called StyleFixx brings in all of these independent boutiques and vendors and such to the Cyclorama over on Tremont Street in the South End. There's all sorts of stuff: purses, belts, makeovers, earrings, lotions and other gal stuff.

So, Griz and I headed over to downtown from Cambridge after work and met up with our friend H. (She's shy and would rather I not blog about her.) H. has just broken free of a bad relationship she was in for a while and we felt she needed a girl's night out. We started at the Parish Cafe with a glass of Sterling Chardonnay and a plate of vegetarian potstickers. H. flirted with the bartender some, so it's nice to see she's putting herself out there. Griz knocked her wine glass over and broke it. Geesh, you can't take that girl anywhere!

Then, we walked down to Clarendon and allllllllllll the way down to Tremont. Quite a hike, but it was fun. We were chatting and cutting up and talking to these tourists who were walking behind us looking for a particular restaurant. Well, yours truly here wasn't looking where she was going an fell ass over tit in a gaping hole in the sidewalk -- gotta love those well-tended Boston sidewalks -- and I rolled ever so demurely into the street and under the front bumper of this parked car. My purse, miraculously, stayed shut, but the $20 in my pocket flew out. H. stomped it with her booted foot to keep it from going anywhere. The nice tourist man offered me a hand and helped me up. What a Grace! Fortunately, the only thing hurt was my pride and some stinging on my palms.

We get to Cyclorama, wine back up with our free drink coupons and hit the tables. Griz got an Aveda makeover and H. found a belt to match her purse. I bought some $5 earrings and then we we hit the food stand for this yummilicious spinach pie bites. We made the rounds again and hit the Cookie Lee jewelry table. Awesome stuff...let me tell you!

And I had a TV swoon moment! At this one table, this chick looked very familiar to me and I asked her if we knew each other. Then it hit me! She was Harmony from the Food TV Network's Next Food Network Star show. She was the blonde with the long pigtails. She was so amazingly sweet and I think she got tickled pink that I fawned over her like I did. Her mother makes jewelry in Vermont and they came down for that. Sooooo cool!

Then, Griz found the Passions table full of sensual oils, message gloves and...yes, dildos. Being the good friends that we are, Griz and I chipped in together and bought H. a while, pearl-encrusted "friend." Hey, it's been a long time for her and she needs this! (Come to think of, not going there...) The lady at the table demoed it for us -- not like that!!! -- and made us hold it. Apparently, the rolls of strung pearls on the inside, well, they, errr...add to the pleasure. H. was blown away by the gesture, named it Pearl Bailey and said she'd test it out.

We used our last drink coupon (and no, we're not alcoholics, just out having fun) and then got a cab to Houston's at Faneuil Hall where we celebrated H.'s new-found freedom and being back on the market with a bottle of Gloria Ferrer champagne and the best goddamned French fries in Boston. (Mayo to dip in, of course.) In fact, our waiter, Derrick, was really taken with H. and they flirted, had a good time and are going out next weekend.

Needless to say, I felt like ass all day until I chomped down the greasy steak and cheese sandwich sandwich from the Greek place around the corner, but it was a great night with great friends having a lot of fun.

I highly encourage each of you to have a girl's night. Get your friends together. Have a wine tasting party or a jewelry party, or hell, invite the Passion ladies over.

Time to head out for the evening...

Hang loose,
Double Vee


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh. I watched that show! She was the person that kept doing that weird hand dancing thing. I was happy to see her go.

9:52 PM  

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