Monday, October 10, 2005

I made a "black book"...

Vanessa here...

Back from my long weekend.

I'm still happy to report that I'm still dating Toronto Maple Leaf Darcy Tucker. Things are going swimmingly. He's playing a game tonight, so everyone wish him well. He told me he's so in love with me that he'll score a goal for me tonight.

Wouldn't you fear him if you were an opponent?

Just watch out...he gets upset when he doesn't get his way...

Here he is remembering all the kinky things we did this wonder the Leafs haven't won a game!

Okay, okay...I'll worry about my boyfriend later, but let me tell you this.

So, I work with this great guy named Jack Daniels. He grew up in Norway (name is Johannes) and doesn't really get that his name is the same as the God of College Drunks. He's this beefy, burly, blond Scandanavian. Total babe, but not my type. Plus, we work together, so I've never really thought of him that way.

I had to borrow his Crackberry today to look up a client's phone number that my boss needed. Then, since I'd never really played around with a Crackberry, I started looking around and I found a contact entry under my name, much to my surprise and chagrin. I clicked on it and read all of my personal information (that I had no idea he had) and noticed an entry in the notes section:

Vanessa Virtue

"bb?" What in the world does that mean? Then, I noticed the names of some other girls and checked them out too and some had "bb" and others "BB." Is this some weird, fucked-up Norwegian coding? I showed it to Griz and she looked through the names and figured it out. It's Jack's code for his little black book!

And I'm in there?

Then, I'm wondering what the little bb is and the big BB is? Griz and I poured over it while we chowed on soup and sandwiches at lunch. So, I'd made Jack's black book (digitally), but what did the cap/no cap mean?

I looked at a couple of the names in the company that were small case:

Aislin Honan (our boss)
Isabella Perry (Griz)
Nan-Marie Waters (in research...a total babe)
Elizabeth Curry (our receptionist)

Then, in caps were:

Reagan Vanbiesbrouck (one of our sales people...very pretty)
Alaina Wellwood (another babe in research)
Marissa Papodopulous (no longer works there)

After two hours of wondering, I couldn't help it. I had to know. When Jack got back from the gym (he always sneaks out of the office), I approached him and asked why there was a "bb" in his Crackberry. Having no shame -- he's a bit of a male slut -- he said yes, it was black book entries. The small case are women he hasn't slept with and the capped B's are ones he's popped.

Then the realization hit me: Jack wants to sleep with me?



We've never flirted. I've never hinted at an attraction. Yet I'm in his black book as...potential? (Wait until Darcy Tucker hears this!)

How do I act? What do I do?

Do I act differently? How can I ever look him in the eye again?

What would you do?

Need advice!
Double Vee


Anonymous j said...

i saw on espn that tucker scored a goal tonight. you must be giving him some sweet sweet lovin'

8:57 PM  
Blogger Mel Francis said...


I'm here to offer your creator a little blog etiquette.

you do NOT "roll tide" someone on their own RAZORBACK blog!


sadness surrounds me. I must drown it with drink. sniff.

oh and before I forget:


9:25 PM  
Blogger Vanessa Virtue said...

LOL...I'll pass that along, Mel. :)

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to travel a lot a few years back with a sales team at an old company of mine. There was this "sister" company we used to travel with all the time that had four sales guys. One was a dick. Another married. A third unhappily married and the fourth was a bit of a slut like your friend. We used to work hard and then at night would party. We had a good click going. On this one trip to Dallas for a sales conference, we all went out drinking and ended up in the unhappily married person's hotel room where we all literally drank, watched movies and crashed on the bed and sofa. When I woke up, everyone was gone except the unhappily married guy. He started kissing on me and behing totally embarassed, I laughed it off and went back to my room. Nothing happened, but it was still awkward. Flash forward 6 months when we're all in San Diego at another conference and the unhappily married guy has not lost 40 pounds, his hair seems thicker, he's LEFT his wife and he tells me it's "all because of you" because of "that night" together. WHAT NIGHT? We were drunk and passed out and there were other people in the room until we woke up! I didn't know whether something had happened and I'd slept through it? (scary) Or, if he was delusional and thought that since I'd literally slept in the same bed with him (I've been told I'm cute) that I gave him some weird confidence through the connection. I feel like shit that he left his wife -- not for me -- but still and that his life turned topsy turvy. He left for another company and I'd heard he was shacking up with some woman he met on the internet, but to think it was all this working relationship that went bad. I still feel like I did something wrong today.

How does that apply to you? I guess I'm saying that when in doubt, be clear about things even if you think you're being blunt or might hurt someone's feelings because you never know what you might prevent.

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, that's quite a story. Don't know whether that makes you a home-wrecker or someone who really boosted this guy's confidence. hopefully he's happy wherever he is.

As for VV, take the "bb" as a compliment. A cute guy thinks you're worthy enough of "bb" status to consider wanting to sleep with you. Not that you would, but isn't it cool to have options? Maybe you can come to some sort of agreement? ;-)

2:05 PM  

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