Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Are you happy in your work?...

Vanessa here...

There's this woman in South Station every morning handing out those annoying, free Metro newspapers. Every morning, she's at her post with a smile on her face, cheering out to people...

"Freeeeee paper! Freeeeeee Metro! Good Morning!"

She'll mix it up a bit depending on special occasions of time of day. She'll sprinkle in a "Go Vote today!" or a "Happy Fourth of July!" But always with the freeeeeee paper, freeeeeee Metro, Good Morning! mantra going strong.

This woman loves her job. She's happy in her work.

And the thing is...most of the people the Metro hires to hand out their papers are people who live in shelters, are underemployed or people trying to get their lives back on track. While the paper annoys the shit out of me (mainly because it's left on seats and the floor of the train), it's a good thing for people who need the jobs.

So, this woman who could hate the world and her plot in life, stands there every morning, greeting people and handing out free newspapers like it's God's work. Well, bless her heart.

In contrast, I get to work and one of our software engineers (whom I know makes a boatload in salary per year), storms into the kitchen, a Ziggy-like cloud of doom and gloom following in his wake. He's surly and complains about everything from the heat in the office to the strength or weakness of the free coffee in the kitchen. He's always mopping his face with his hand and sighing like Satan himself is forcing his way out of his chest. He slams his office door, he pounds on his keyboard and he yells at the other engineers to get updates and approvals on changes to our software product.

In essence, he's a miserable bastard.

He is not happy in his work.

Maybe he should meet the Metro Lady. The woman who proudly wears her newspaper apron and politely hands the complimentary rag to weary commuters. Maybe he should be grateful for his high-digit salary...the one that allows him to buy $4 cups of coffee to keep his fat ass going through the day.

So, I vow to be happy in my work. I'm a marketing coordinator and a damn good one at that. I know how to generate leads for our sales people that turn into prospects that turn into sales that turn into new customers. I know how to proof and edit newsletter, collaterals and web content. I know how to plan an event and organize everything from audio visual needs to catering to seating charts and room rates. Sure, it's stressful, but it's not called a job for nothing. And it helps pay all those credit card bills and that student loan that's teetering on the edge of default.

Ask yourself...are you happy in your work?

I sure hope so!

Hang loose,
Double Vee


Anonymous emily said...

I used to be...not so much anymore. :(

Different managers and different projects just make me want to run out the doors everyday at 4pm!

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's always those who make/have the most that don't appreciate anything and always want more. It's sad and a big reason to why our society is falling apart.

Wouldn't you just love to snap your fingers and have those two people change places for the day? How different that man's life would be after spending a day in that woman's shoes.

The happiest woman I know is a little old lady who lives in a bachelor rent controlled apartment. Her husband died very young leaving her with 4 children to care for. She's now a senior and lives on $8000/year from the govenment. She's partially deaf. Doesn't see all that well. Her only daughter died of cancer 3 years ago. What little savings she had her dead-beat son stole from her for drugs.

This woman, every morning, sits at her table where I work and smiles and greets everyone. If you're lost - she's there to help with a laugh and smile. Never a bad day. Always happy. That is incredible. I envy that woman.

1:41 PM  
Blogger Vanessa Virtue said...

I totally agree with you, Anon, and yes, I'd love to snap my fingers and change their places. People just get so bent out of shape over the wrong things and make too big of a deal out of things that don't really matter. We should put more energies into our own happiness and just enjoying life every day. Or that's what I think. ;-)


2:13 PM  

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