Friday, November 11, 2005

What crazy person drives this car?...

Vanessa here...

Just had to post a quickie here. Was out a little while ago downtown running some errands and I got stuck byehind this Ford Taurus station wagon. Damn my camera phone for not working, but I just had to share the bumper stickers on this car. Makes me wonder exactly about the person driving this car. Aside from the Dorchester resident stickers lined up on the back window, we had the following...

Out of my Way! Kid's Gotta Pee!

I Got Pricked by Mick
at Body X-tremes, Quincy

Your little princess is my little whore

(graphic of man and woman in the "69" position)

Enjoy life, eat out more often

What else can I say?

Hang loose,
Double Vee


Anonymous j said...

hey! i've seen that car! no shit. that's TOO funny.

3:05 PM  
Anonymous jason said...

nothing beats the bumper sticker that says, "sometimes i wake up grumpy in the morning. other times i let him sleep."

7:16 PM  

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