Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Santa ain't got nothin' on me...

Vanessa here...

Man, please...don't tell me that Christmas is like in twelve days. (And if you start singing the twelve days of Christmas, I might have to bitch slap you.) Twelve days! First of all, where the hell did 2005 go? Whooooooooosh...gone! I blinked and it was December. I hear this happens the older you get, but man, I'm only 27...WTF!

However, today was a banner day for me. During my lunch break, I sat at the computer and shopped. Did everything for everyone all in one fail swoop and spent about $300 to fully satisfy my entire Christmas list. I got gift baskets for my parents, a gift certificate for my sister, more gift baskets for Griz and clothes for William. More gift baskets for my co-workers and boss and get this, it'll all be delivered before Christmas and I didn't have to go to the Galleria and fight any other consumers for anything.

Hopefully you've been on top of things better than I have been, but in case you're looking for some last minute shopping ideas and quick turnaround, here are some of my favorite sites that have come through for me...

Harry and David

Wine Country Baskets

Omaha Steaks




Armani Exchange

Kenneth Cole

And you know what, when in doubt, always remember that cash makes a lovely present. Seriously...there's nothing wrong with giving someone you care about a little of the cold, hard cash. That way, they know you care and they can get anything they want.

Now, I'll sit back and see what people send me. I hope I get a neat gift basket...or that new Kenneth Cole skirt I've been eyeballing, or those music CDs in my Amazon wish list. Whatever it is, I'll be grateful that people care enough to even think about me.

How are you doing on your Christmas shopping? Almost done? Barely started?

What are you waiting for...get shopping!

Hang loose,
Double Vee


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are great suggestions. I have to get my boyfriend something and he likes nothing so a gift basket may do the trick.

8:50 AM  
Anonymous emily said...

I'm behind this year... :( for no particular reason.

3:27 PM  

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