Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tis the season...

Vanessa here with a fun MeMe here to start the holiday season out right and to wrap up 2005. (Where did the year go?!)

Name Five Bad Things That Happened to You in 2005:
1. Hunter, the "I don't want to have sex before I get married" guy who banged some stranger while away at a work training event.
2. Had hot coffee spilled on me on the train.
3. My cat I had growing up died.
4. Friends at work got fired/laid off.
5. Three of my student loan payment checks bounced.

Name Five Good Things That Happened to You in 2005:
1. Met my new roommate and bestest friend, William
2. Got props at work for staying late several times.
3. Found a pair of Kate Spade shoes on eBay for $60.
4. Won $200 on a scratch ticket.
5. Started this blog and made wonderful cyber friends.

Name Five People Who Have Touched You in a Special Way in 2005:
1. William - new roomie, new confidant, new support system.
2. Griz - pal at work who's always there for gossip, support and lunch dates
3. My parents - although they keep riding me to move home, they do support my adventures here in the big city.
4. Aislin - my boss and totally the successful woman I want to be some day.
5. You - my blog fans who return daily to read about me and my adventures - Thanks!

Name Five Things You Achieved in 2005:
1. Lost 10 pounds and kept it off.
2. Got props at work for staying late and working on projects.
3. Made the Boston Globe blog log three times!
4. Paid off my Filene's card
5. Actually had a boyfriend for a few months.

Name Five Things You'd Like to Achieve in 2006:
1. Get a raise/promotion at work.
2. Find a boyfriend/true love.
3. Get a new car.
4. Consolidate my debt.
5. Travel more, although I hate flying.

What is your new year's resolution/what would you like from 2006?
To be happy, healthy, enjoy work and my friends and to find a nice guy to have dinner, a movie and a glass of wine with. And he needs to have a firm ass and dimples.


So...who's next? Why don't you take a stab at it. I tag everyone...all of you! Ready...go!

Hang loose,
Double Vee


Anonymous j said...

sounds like other than the hunter incident, you had a pretty good year, vv. good for you. and keep blogging, please.

11:03 AM  

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