Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lord have merci beaucoup...

Vanessa here...

I did something for the first time ever last night: I watched The Bachelor in Paris.

As much as a reality TV whore as I am, I have never succumbed to watching The Bachelor or any of its prodigy. But, for some reason last night, I was drawn to not change the channel when Jake in Progress went off. Perhaps it was my love of all things French and this insatiable desire to want to climb the Eiffel Tower or walk along the Seine with a baguette and sit in a sidewalk cafe and sip a smart coffee or sip a simple table wine. Ahhh...Paris. The city of lovers, right?

So, what better place to take an American TV reality show of beautiful people getting it on for the purpose of getting engaged for the viewing public than the sights and sounds of Parrrr-eee!

I have to say, I don't get the big hoopla. Forty minutes of the show was basically this Bachelor (Dr. Travis from Nashville) -- here he is pictured below with the show host Chris Something or Other -- saying "hey" and hugging all dem bitches.

Thus followed the parade of limousines dumping out five beauties at a time. The stimulating conversation that followed was by inane "great to meet you" and half-hearted hugs. Then Dr. Bachelor would (sometimes) watch the chick walk into the house as he said, "I'll join you in a bit."

Then he meandered around the room as this make-uped buffeted women sat around sipping champers and scowling at each other. Dr. Bachelor hit it off with this chick from Canada (who got his first rose), a fellow Nashvillian, a 23 year old from Kansas and a handful more of unmemorable blondes, brunettes and one auburn-haired one.

But the most intriguing, interesting and entertaining of all was Allie G from Delray Beach, Florida, 33 (same age as Dr. Bachelor) and a doctor as well.

She moved in for the kill to have her three minute chat with Dr. Bachelor where she laid her cards...or eggs, as it may be...on the table. She decided to tell him the reason she came on to the show. She said, and I quote:

I feel my eggs dying. I'm ready to reproduce.

As you can imagine, this wigged out Dr. Bachelor who just wants to date a little and have fun and maybe meet a nice girl. Of course, when he gave out his roses, Allie G didn't get one.

Like that wasn't enough, she marched back in and confronted him, yelling at him for not choosing him. How dare he! (Hey, remember all those stories of the fruit and vegetable women? You thought I was exaggerating, eh? No, they exist...and on network television, no doubt!) She screamed at him saying at "his age" he should want to settle down and have children. And, how dare he not choose her because she's a fellow doctor. Dude, the woman was mental. She had to be ushered away from him.

Well, I tell you...it was utter crap, but I think I just might tune in next week.


Hang loose,
Double Vee


Anonymous cheryl said...

Oh, I've watched this show forever! It's totally stupid, but you get sucked in. Wait until he starts dating them and macking on them. What a deal for him. Each one of them fall in love with him and he gets to play around with all of them. They're practically publicizing anti-monogomy! But I love it. ;-)

9:15 AM  
Anonymous j said...

that woman's a freak. did she really say that? i'd run from the room.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I'm hoping that Travis starts showing much more personality as the weeks progress. Right now he's a total tool. Jesse Palmer, the failed Giants quarterback, who made out with 3 women on the same date was't as much of a tool as this guy. You know he must have chicks up the ying yang back in Nashville. Come on, he's a doctor, not an aspiring country singer, which makes him top prize in the man stakes. I'm just watching it until they go to Venice. Tee-Hee!

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your post title - tres creative.

11:53 AM  

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