Monday, February 06, 2006

I *heart* local champions...

Vanessa here... a post Super Bowl (can I say that without getting sued by the NFL) haze. William and I had a bunch of people over last night, ordered a whole hell of a lot of chicken wings, served up fries, celery and enough bleu cheese to float an aircraft carrier. There was beer and wine and mixed drinks and bodies everywhere.

The thing that got me, though, were how uninterested my local (Boston native) friends were. All they could do was complain that it wasn't the Patriots in the Super Bowl this year and how that "sucked." None of them wanted to watch the game. They couldn't get into the calls, penalties, plays or first downs. It was just bitch, moaning, carping and complaining that "'da Pahhhhhts" didn't get in this year. Well, you know...sometimes shit happens and other teams get to go.

The other thing that I couldn't understand -- but finally did -- was that these people aren't football fans. They're fans of the local team. Whether that be the Red Sox, the Bruins, the Celtics or the Pats. These guys aren't fans of the game. They don't appreciate the intricacies of plotting out offensive schemes or playing the ball defensively without getting a penalty. All they care about is how they can brag and boast that their local team is the best.

And I understand that...most cities are that way, as exemplified by the many Pittsburgh fans who showed up in Detroit. So, maybe I'm the extreme. I mean, I'm a military brat and have lived all over the place. My Boston friends think going out to Newton is like crossing the Mississippi River. I suppose the Pats, Bruins, Celtics and Sox are all they've ever known in their world. But then...there are satellites and cable packages that allow you to see all sorts of teams from all over the place. Why not extend your horizons? Why just dive to the bottom and put a local team hat on and follow the rest of the lemmings to the BankNorth Garden, Fenway or Foxboro.

Honestly, it was a good thing to have two different teams in the Super Bowl this year. There are, after all, other people in other parts of this great country. Seattle had a hell of a season and that cute little Sean Alexander set records and ran his ass off. Pittsburgh was like 7-5 not long ago and dawg...they won the Super Bowl! What better story in sports is there than that? Why can't the locals appreciate that and just enjoy the sport?

It's because they're not really sports fans...they're local fans. And that's what works for them.

But me...I cheer for lots of teams because there are a lot of them out there with fantastic players that play their games at their peak. My advice to my Boston friends is to test your lengths...get out of a new piece of sportswear...enjoy the sports for all they're worth and don't torture yourself 'cause the Pats didn't go this year...and don't just cheer for Seattle 'cause their quarterback is "a local Boston boy."

Or maybe, just quit pretending and buy a t-shirt that simply reads:

Ah well...I can't change a city overnight...although I love it and call it home!

Hang loose,
Double Vee


Anonymous j said...

i heard on the radio that the super bowl had the biggest ratings since 1996. how will local fans (of which i'm one and you're absolutely right in your post) explain that away?

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love football, but I enjoy the game more when one of my fave teams are playing, whether college or NFL. One thing I've found that helps me stay tuned and enjoy myself when it's two teams I'm unfamiliar with is to make a friendly round of bets. When your $25 is out there, you seem to care a little more.

10:35 AM  

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