Sunday, February 05, 2006

Let there be connectivity!

Vanessa here...

Phew...after three days without DSL service, Earthlink has finally stood up on its little hind legs and repaired whatever damage had happened. I am back on the Internet! (Didja miss me?) Apparently something happened in Cambridge and it knocked everything offline and yours truly has been going mad since Thursday night.

I never knew how much I relied on the Internet connection. I was feeling like a crack addict coming off the stuff...knowing methadone (dial-up) wouldn't work for me. I paced the room. I went and checked the router. I called Earthlink at least nine times asking them why they hadn't fixed it yet! I fidgeted. I did laundry, for Christ's sake. And had to actually go to the grocery store instead of being able to use PeaPod. I had to look a work up in Webster's 'cause I couldn't do to I was watching a movie and couldn't look up who the cute actor was on IMDb. My world was askew...knocked off its axis.

Then, this morning, William came into my room and jumped in bed with me screaming..."It's back on! It's back on!" I triumphantly jumped from the bed and we danced around the dining room (where the computer is set up) as the Internet Explorer page loaded on the screen.

Yes. I have no life. I admit it.

Sorry I missed eye candy yesterday, so I'll make up for it now. I watched Mean Girls last night. was okay. Predictable. About six other themes from teen movies woven into one and starring a normal-looking Linsdey Lohan. However, it did introduce me to a new little hottie I wasn't familiar with...Jonathan Bennett. So, he's our eye candy today...

Looks like he's got an itch...maybe VV can scratch it for him?

Happy Super Bowl Sunday and GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Seahawks!!!

Hang loose,
Double Vee


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