Friday, March 03, 2006

Physiology 101...

Vanessa here...

Thanks for all the posts, e-mails and concerns over my broken foot. Much appreciated! like me!

For a little more's a Physiology 101 on the bones of the foot. There are 26 bones in your foot and believe it or not, when you break a small one, it doesn't take months to heal, rather weeks, depending on how strong your bones are.

Now, here's an illustration. See the dark spot? That's the done I broke.

I reported yesterday that it was one of the metatarsals, but that was wrong. It was a phalanges. Phoebe's alter ego, Regina Phalanges.

But you see how tiny it is. Who knew it could hurt like blue-blazing bullshit, though? My foot it purple and sooooo swollen. I'll never get a boyfriend looking like this.

So, I'm staying home, taking my Percocet and resting.

Thanks for the guys are the best! Better than the horrible people on the T!

Hang loose and hobble,
Double Vee


Blogger The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

Ah, darlin' you're in good company! That's the same toe I broke in July. However, unlike you (the smart one), I just figured nothing could be done, so I taped it to the toe next to it until it healed (after about 3 or so weeks). However, it's not been the same since then, which is why I'll be having it looked at for possible repair...6 months later! So, you did it right by going to the doctor. I only realized mine was broken as I watched it swell and bruise by the hour the next morning during the flight home from Reno. And I got the diagnosis in the airport from my own "Dr. Quinn, medicine woman"--otherwise known as author, Julia Quinn who told me it was broken. ;-)

Rest up this weekend and keep the foot elevated and the Percoset flowing! ;-)


1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can definitely get a guy to notice you even though your foot is broken! First of all, it's a great way to get a convo started. Just think of a really interesting story to go along with the injury. He'll be intrigued and he'll want to stick around because of all the knight in shining armor/Tarzan-type fantasies he'll be able to fulfill while helping you out.

Hope you mend quickly, girl.

10:13 AM  
Blogger The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

Ooooohhh, I like Wendy's plan! ;-)


1:32 PM  

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