Thursday, April 06, 2006

Come back to me!...

Vanessa here!

Whoooohooooo...after a long absence, my friends. So sorry for the disappearing act. Life just got in the way of blogging. That and I'm still healing the injured paw. It's getting there. I'm in real shoes now, still hobbling as it is, after all, still Brokeback Mountain foot. But a couple of more weeks and I should be good as new. The doctor said it was healing nicely.

So, geez...I go away and what all happens?

Let's see...

Griz has a semi-boyfriend. William has a semi-boyfriend. And I have a semi-boyfriend. Okay, that last bit isn't true at all. While Griz and William have found love interests, I've been staying home every night, over-dosing on the Issac Mizrahi Show ("Come back to me!") If you've never seen it, it's hilarious, highly entertaining and he's just a hoot!

The other thing I've been doing is reading waaaaaaaay too much news. I'm wigged out by the "United 93" trailer, just like most people should be, I'm fascinated by Cy, the one-eyed kitten and I can't believe that Tom bought Katie an adult pacifier to help her through her labor. I'm still not convinced that 1) he's the one who impregnated her; or, 2) she's actually pregnant. And what's with Scientologists needing to have "silent" births? Are they whacked? You're squeezing a Thanksgiving turkey out of sink drain. OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Flavor of Love ended with Flav picking Hoopz over New York and Top Chef premiered and has got me utterly sucked in. Although, let them cook some real food instead of catering to little kids, Junior League moms and acting as street vendors. I want to see real searing, sauteing and chopping.

I honestly have nothing more interesting to share with you. I have been working my ass off, eating, breathing and sleeping my job. The HR people are really cracking down on staff interaction...I mean, they want us to work together well, but not too well, if you catch my drift. It really sucks, too, 'cause there are sooooooo many cute guys in my office. It's like eye candy overload.

We've got a Spring Affiliates Meeting (what a lame name) at the end of this month. It involves pie charts and alcohol, so you tell me.

Anyway, what's everyone been up to? You're still with me, right?

Hang loose,
Double Vee


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still here. Welcome back. Tom got Katie a BINKY? Sheesh!

I'm sure you can find out everything you've ever wanted to know (and many things you didn't) about Scientology if you drop in one of their establishments. I recommend the one in Hollywood. You take a personality test, you know, to get to know yourself better. Next you sit in a little room with a huge TV while old Montel Williams shows brainwash -- er, entertain you. Then you get to talk to a rep one on one, who analyzes your personality test and proves that you need scientology in yoru life. You can tell him your darkest secrets -- true or not, it's confidential -- while trying to pry dark secrets from him. Naturally, you stay long enough to ask for a snack or an early dinner, so you can hopefully catch a glimpse of Tom. Or Katie, you know, to see if she really is pregnant. Heh.

9:20 AM  

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