Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Virtue's Anatomy

Well...look who's back online! C'est moi!

Won't bore you with the reasons why I haven't blogged because no one wants to hear them. What they want to hear is what I have to say now...right? = ) Let's hope so. Let's hope I'm not speaking into a vacuum.

So, on the topic of Virtue's Anatomy, let's start with the fact that it has taken me over a week to get over the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. {SPOILER} -- I mean, WTF...they killed off Denny? The one, kind, decent, wonderful man (character) on television? Blasphemers! Him getting a new heart and having Izzie happily fall in love with him was just a tease. A tease, I tell you. And after all of that, he died from a (yawn) blood clot. Hello...he was in CCU, was no one monitoring him? Had no one checked for anything like that? No, 'cause we wouldn't have had so much drama or me sitting on the couch frickin' CRYING for the last twenty minutes of the show.

Next on Virtue's Anatomy, thanks for all the e-mails asking about my foot. It does appear that after three months of brokedom, the poor little foot has healed. I still can't wear my cute little high-heeled sandals and am stuck more in the fashionless flipflops and eight year old sneakers, but I limp no more.

Also, is it just me or is everyone receiving inordinate amounts of SPAM involving Angelina Jolie's anatomy? Just the other day, my SPAM folder had 367 messages in it, most of which had one of the following subject lines:

Angelina Jolie Nude!
The Godess Andelina Jolie [sic]
See Angelina Jolie Nude!

And the e-mails aren't from some bogus crappy e-mail. They're from seemingly normal, friendly, unintrusive people like:

Tiffani Hollis
Beatrice Cornwall
Samantha Rankin
Shelby Huddleston

Do the spammers think if they use a normal name, then I'll open it up? "Oh, it's from Shelby Huddleston...she sounds familiar! If she wants me to see Angelina Jolie Nude, then I shall open it immediately!"

Give me a break.

I also don't want to see any of the following, nice, normal sender name or not:

Hot women cumming
Young teens on video
Female orgasims
Steamy hot adult cartoons
Jennifer Aniston nude

Honestly, people...what list do you cull me from? And why is all of the female porn mail sent by female sender names? Interesting topic. Discuss.

Well, that's it for this update from here. I'll try to be better about keeping you updated on the life and times of little old me. Griz and I are headed up to Toronto tomorrow on vacay and to attack as many shoe stores as we possibly can while the US dollar is slightly less than the Canadian one. Will be back next week with a vengence!

Until then...

Hang loose,
Double Vee


Anonymous j said...

ahhhhh, she's back. and with a vengence. missed you, v

1:22 PM  
Anonymous emily said...

welcome back!

My spam box seems to get filled with prescription drug offers, and "EnLaRgE UR PeNiS" options...

10:11 AM  

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