Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Madge and Me...

Vanessa here...

Madonna was in town over the weekend and she was seen by me!

Let me just say that I remember "growing up" to Madonna songs. Who hasn't grubbed out to I'm Crazy for You or Vogued or danced in from of the mirror to Like a Virgin. We've all done it. (William does it all the time...loves that Immaculate Collection.)

I've been working some late nights and doing some real shit/grunt work and my boss gave me Madonna tickets. Not just any Madonna tickets. These seats were about twenty feet from the side of the stage. A stage that takes up the whole of the arenas (see pic) it's in. (I heard it takes 24 semis to bring this stuff into a town.) We're talking $350 tickets! So, of course, I took William with me -- what with Madonna being a gay man's idol.

Old Madge may be on the uphill side of 50 (she's 48 to be exact), but that beatch can move like nobody's business. Man! I wish I had her body. Muscle and toned and so tiny. She looks great. And her voice is phenomenal. She didn't lip synch one word the whole show.

So, the show starts out with this gigamonic disco ball descending at the edge of the stage while the music is just heart-pounding throughout the place.

Everyone's on their feet going wild and next thing you know, the disco ball flips open and out pops Madge in her equestrian garb, complete with horsey ponytail on her top hat and a riding crop.

The dancers are all these buff, hot, muscular guys who not only dance like nobody's business, but they are pure physical specimens. They're tethered together like a team of horses and proceed to gallop and trot down the long stage.

This, of course, is followed by a couple of old songs and mostly her dance hits, always grinding to the beat with plenty of dance and action. She's never breathed as she's singing and dancing and getting down on stage. I mean, literally crawling on her hands and knees at many points.

Then, twenty feet in front of us, a stage hand comes on and installs this large pole and what looks to be a carousel horse seat (without the horse body) - if that makes any sense. Madonna comes over and does a slow-grinding performance on the pole to Like a Virgin as the moving stage is suspended about thirty feet into the air. She's very meticulous, slow and careful in her movements, always making sure her high-heeled booted foot is in place or she's griping the pole in the right location. Absolutely breathtaking. And she's smiling and singing and just reaching out, flirting and touching the audience the whole time. (William was fanning himself, let me tell you.)

Oh...that was a bad thing. Apparently Madge prefers that her venues be "warm." Since she's into yoga and exercise done in hot rooms, the A/C wasn't on in the TD Banknorth Garden and it was HOT! We're talking William dabbing himself and me with sweat pouring down my back. Madonna also says the warm air is better for a singer's voice. Man, it was uncomfortable. I had to shower when I got home!

Anyway...enough about my bodily functions and hygiene...back to the show. There were a lot of subtle and not so subtle political statements in the show. She had a little Kabbala friend who sang this song with her as a woman in traditional Muslim garb (well, it was green garb) danced inside a cage until Madge freed her. Then, after a costume change, Madonna is seen strapped to a mirrored cross, rising up from the stage in what appears to be a crucifixion.

Now, I had not been looking forward to this because I thought it was going to be sacrilegious (and it sort of was), but it really had a message to it. She sang I have a tale to tell...what's the name of that? Oh, is it Live to Tell. She did have on a crown of thorns, which I thought was bad, but as she sang, there were these images of homeless people and sick AIDS babies and starving children and it was quoting Matthew where Jesus said "I was naked and you clothed me, hungry and you fed me...if you'd done it to the least of my brethren, you've done it to me..." and at the end it had the URLs for all these charities and the Clinton Foundation. So, I appreciated the message.

She had several costume changes and these dancers, again, were ALL over the place. There was this monkey bar set thing and this one guy jumped from the top of it to this platform like twenty feet away. It was...breathtaking.

There was a disco tribute and a mixing of some classic songs with her current hits. She wore a white disco suit, a la Saturday Night Fever that was pretty much a onesy, because she ripped it off to show this leotard underneath.

The finale was Time Goes By and it was this spectacular with her in a white body suit with shimmery blue slashes over her naughty bits and she had a white cape that said "Dancing Queen" on the back and was covered in sparklies and lights on the inside. Gold balloons fell from the ceiling and everyone went nuts! And that was it. No encore and I'm told by the time William and I filed out and got to the T, Madonna was at Logan airport boarding her private plane back to NYC.


Quite an experience. Glad we rocked!!! Old Madge still has it!

Have any of you seen her ever? Wanna share your experience?

Hang loose,
Double Vee


Blogger Mel Francis said...

damn I'm jealous.

8:01 PM  
Blogger M.E Ellis said...

This post was mind bogglingly mental. Very funny voice here!


2:37 PM  

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